Saturday, January 21, 2006

Project Designer

Christopher Rogers, age 17, : ) of Baton Rouge Louisiana is a student at Baton Rouge High School with a 4.0 average. Chris is conducting a competition similar to Project Runway on his website, Project Designer.

This competition is designed for artists who may or may not choose to actually construct the garments.

Every week, Chris issues a challenge to the designers, and each week one is eliminated. This is his second season. Last year's winner was Melancholy Creations.

This season began with seventeen designers and five have been eliminated so far. This is the winning entry for the "My Little Black Dress" challenge:

Here is some of Chris's own work:

When there are only three designers left, each one will present a collection of eight designs to the judges. Chris himself is putting together a portfolio of his works and hopes to attend Parsons, FIDM or FIT.

Please join me in encouraging this talented and ambitious young man. Chris, we applaud you!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! Maybe Project Runway needs to have a special edition for these guys.

christopher.john said...

Thanx Laura!

Anonymous said...

I like that people feel they can participate from home. Chris has shown a lot of creativity just in arranging this -- it would be great if the show could somehow cross-promote. But if not, there's still value in the exercise.

Anonymous said...

Great addition to Project Runway topic readings, thanks! Love the illustrative talents these designers have. I'll be sure to check Proj. Designer along with Project Outcast (that chick is crazy!) regularly.

christopher.john said...

oh thanx Pink! could you comment on them as well?