Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Click Here for An Article About Yahoo Searches

It's interesting that among the contestants, Danny V is edging out Santino in search requests. Danny, where are you?


AJ said...

It's easy...he's ADORABLE! It said that women are the main audience (at 80%) and no one can deny how good looking Daniel V. is.

I also think that because he's so elusive, it makes it more interesting to try to find stuff on him. That and so far he made designs that women can really relate to. It's wearable yet fashionable and edgy.

Where is Nick on this list?!...lol

woof nanny said...

Danny V has a nice quiet confidence. I like him.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Daniel.

And I admit to being one of the searchers on Yahoo looking for him!

Where are you Daniel?

Jan the Dan Fan