Monday, January 30, 2006

Project Runway Producers Take Note!

BPR readers have designed some wonderful challenges. Find them all here!


Anonymous said...

Okay I didn't know where to post this but SKRRRRRRR.

Remember when Nick said something in the last episode after Dan told him "That it was going to be okay" or whatever..and nick said "It's not just that and you know it. I want to go home" (Yes..SO not the correct quotes, but the general idea)

Could it be something to do with his partner if he has one(or the obvious one, family)?

I'm just speculating (sorry nick if you are reading this!)
But I just noticed he wears a silver band on his left ring finger.


Anonymous said...

We can also tell I have too much time on my hands.

Tim (look at bonus video episode 7)
has already caught Santino doing an impression of him. So this isn't really a OMG kind of thing.

Apparently Santino is still doing it after being caught. And Tim adores it. Haha

LauraK said...

That's exactly what I thought when I was watching too. He misses David. It looks like he will be more cheerful in the next episode though.

memee said...

bettie, I agree about the Tim impressions thing. From that video it seemed like Tim was totally aware of it. Anyway, now they can make a big dramatic event out of the Timpressions, and it should be funny nevertheless.

I loved reading the challenge ideas! A lot of them were really original. Wouldn't that be exciting if one of them did show up next season?

AJ said...

I need to rack my brain and come up with a half decent challenge...

I can't get over the hilarity of Santino's Timpressions. My mom actually does a pretty good Tim Gunn and we keep quoting the things Santino has said to each other.

I don't know that it will EVER stop being funny!