Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Katey Interviews Nick

Well, Nick is certainly getting a lot of press lately. Please send links to ANY coverage of any of the other designers as well - thanks!


Anonymous said...

hmmm, interesting...thanks for posting the link for us oh wise blogmistress, or blogstress, or uhhh, anyway, ya thanks.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

While I want Daniel to be my boyfriend (I know it's out of the question) I want Nick to be my "boy" friend.

His friends must have been thrilled with the surprise Sasha autographs.

Hey, and it's officially Wednesday now here on the East Coast. Yah!

Mercedes said...

Very very interesting…Three things:

1) That they haven’t shown his closeness to Kara. Has anyone noticed that the producers have portrayed the women as not very friendly. You don’t see them being as close as the guys are or even close to any of the guys. I mean you do see that they are friendly towards each other but not close to anyone in particular. As if they haven’t created any bonds to anyone, the way they have shown bonds created amongst the guys in 35D.
2) The article gives me the impression that there will be some kind of fallout between the guys in 35D. It’s just how Nick says “I think that, at least for me, I wanted us to remain in the show as long as possible, above any of the other designers.” I don’t know is the impression I got.
3) I wonder if the fallout will be between him and Santino. I think he was dissing Santino and his designs when he talked about “masquerading an easily constructed garment with some whickety whack trim.”

Tbone said...

"My expectations of the show were, first and foremost, that it was a show based on talent.... However what I did not expect, I think out of naivete, was that crucial 'reality show' ingredient."

Hmmmm. My concern for Nick continues. Kudos to Katey for a great interview.

AJ said...

Nick fans (including me, natch) don't worry! His career is already well-established. PR has helped to give him the recognition he and David so rightfully deserve. If you look at the Nikolaki site, it's obvious that they've got the talent and creativity to become big names in this industry.

I can't wait to see how my fave designers this season will progress with their careers:) Good things are sure to come.

Anonymous said...

In New Zealand we are up to where Franco got voted off Season 2, Any way I can read your transcripts for Tims podcasts of the earlier episodes It sucks I can't read TT this season.