Saturday, January 28, 2006


Sorry, I wasn't totally positive about the rumor that Tarah had a Maybelline contract so I took the reference to it out of my post and sought confirmation.

Here it is - but the source (very very reliable) chooses to remain anonymous. (WOW, it's like I'm a journalist or something...)

Hello Laura:
You must have a good source for your rumours because ______ did tell me that Tarah did get a Maybelline contract for a supposed six figure amount plus she was in Macy's Holiday INC ad campaign(see December's Vogue towards the end of the magazine).........
Let's just say somebody doesn't need Project Runway to further their career...

That was my point exactly. Even if we lose Tarah next week, we can rest assured knowing that her beauty and charm have been recognized and she is on her way!

Now, I'm off to see if I still have the December Vogue.


Anonymous said...

When Nick makes it to Fashion Week, I hope they atleast bring Tarah back to model a look in his collection.

I'm not surprised at all by this news, Tarah is absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even on, the owner of MC2 (Tarah's agency) said something that to look out for Tarah Rogers as she had a major cosmetics contract in the works, and that was a while ago,

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes!

Just last night I thought I saw her in a Maybelline commercial, and now I know I was right.