Friday, January 27, 2006

Dan Fans - Now's Your Chance!

Okay, I've been spending a little too much time at the computer today. Here is your assignment: Please write up your homage to Daniel Vosovic. (I always hear Heidi pronouncing "Vosovic.") Start at the top of his ponytail and take it wherever you like - nothing vulgar of course - you know me by now. The aim is to amuse.

Send your essay in an e-mail (not a comment - we'll add those after) to and I'll post them here this weekend.

Extra points for poetry and I LOVE limericks. Have fun!

I can't keep this going without all of you!


Anonymous said...


How do ya have a limerick that isn't naughty?

-- desertwind

AJ said...'s time to be creative:)

AJ said...

Okay Laura, I just wrote the worst limerick EVER! I'm sending it from my yahoo account, but I can't even's making me