Sunday, April 02, 2006

Chloe's Lot 8 Party - A Reader Reports

BPR reader Marianne was on hand as an official BPR reporter for the celebration at Chloe's Houston boutique, Lot 8, last Friday. Here's her account of the evening:

I entered Lot 8 shortly after 8 p.m. and it was already starting to get crowded. There were people of all ages there. One of Chloe's nephews, who seemed about three years old, was wearing a cute Lot 8 shirt that said "Chloe's my aunt" on the back. I didn't see her at first, so I looked around, and the clothes were really fabulous. Some of the more stunning details in the dresses I couldn't see at all from the TV screen, or the pictures online.

Finally I saw Chloe, who was mobbed the whole time. Everyone, including my friend and I, was trying to get photos taken with her. She must have noticed that we had been lingering around for a while, and graciously took us in. :) I told her to expect my photos on BPR and she laughed. My friend asked how tall Chloe was. She answered promptly, "4-11 and three quarters!"...

...Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stay for any of the more interesting stuff. I poked my head in the new Lot 8 salon, where some ladies were getting prettied-up, and the stylists said they were getting ready to model. I wish I'd gotten to find out what they were modeling for.

Thanks for the report and the great photos, Marianne! Sounds like a great event!


LauraK said...

Sure looks like fun - you are so lucky, Marianne! Thanks for the report.

Tbone said...

Excellent work Marianne! We are developing quite the corps of field reporters here at BPR. Coming soon -"official" press badges! (Note to LK: please add that as an agenda item for your next blog producers meeting).

And Chloe? Well. She looks as beautiful as ever.