Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 6

This is the final installment (I promise) of my BPR Tour recap. BPR groupies and other maladjusted souls can click here to relive the series from its inception.

Put yourself in Laura Kluvo's shoes for a moment. This is, admittedly, a fairly frightening prospect. Somehow in the span of a few short months you have gone from starting a small blog from scratch to becoming the primary source of information for one of cable TV's biggest hits. Lets imagine, if you will, that the breakaway star of this show sends you an e-mail one day saying he would like to meet you. What would you do? (The pant-piddling is automatically assumed in this scenario)

Many would jump at that opportunity and just keep the experience to themselves. But not Mom. By now, you know how big her heart is. She was gracious enough to allow Scarlett and me (and our companions) to tag along on a pre-arranged meeting with Tim Gunn himself. This now legendary gathering has become known inside the BPR sweatshop as "The Blog Producers Meeting".

Let's rewind a bit. When we parted ways at Emmett McCarthy's EMC2 boutique, several people were done for the day and headed for home. A small contingent led by JantheDanFan and Milton were on their way for their own fateful meeting with Tim and Daniel V at Macy's. Earlier, we had hoped to get a quick visit with both for everyone on the tour, but it did not pan out. It was very difficult knowing that we might get the opportunity to meet Tim later in the evening and not say anything about it to our new friends. This was supposed to be Laura's meeting with Tim. I just felt fortunate to have been included.
Tim and Tbone

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LauraK said...

Ahem...for the record... I was NEVER in danger of any pants piddling.

The Scarlett said...

Can you imagine having 'Tim Gunn' show up on your caller ID? Hasn't happened to me ... yet.

You know here is the thing, I met him and yet I wasn't nervous at all. He is so warm and genuine that he puts you immediately at ease. And when he asks you a question, he really wants to know your answer.

ScubaOtter said...

LOL; Tim Gunn ring tones!

Incoming call: "Make it Work!"
New voice mail message: "Carry on!"
Missed call: "Where's Andrae?"

C Merry said...

Gumby Legs LOL I just remembered him in Mood commiserating with Nick.. elongated marshmellow.. LOL Poor girl so stylishly insulted.