Monday, April 03, 2006

News From Nick!

Hi Laura!
So good to hear from you! I have been so busy as of late, it's overwhelming. As you and your readers know, I had been in Italy for two weeks covering the Olympic Ladies Figure Skating and then had to return to finish the quarter off at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. I also just returned from Chicago, where I helped Tim Gunn out in the Casting for next season's show. I am currently working on orders to several stores, preparing to return to teaching as well as other projects which I will keep you "in the loop" on.

I am still surprised by the reaction I get in my travels(hotels, airports) from the fans as well as just walking down the street!

Can you believe all the continued excitement over Project Runway?! I assume you can, since you have been the #1 fan all along. How wonderful that your blog has become so popular. You are the leading source for all things Project Runway, and that is not only because of the content you provide but because of your approach to the show. You, Scarlett and TBone are informative while always staying so positive and upbeat!

I, for one, appreciate it. Thanks to you and all the BPR readers who have been so wonderful throughout this whole experience. It is because of people like you that the entire process was worth it!

I saw that the prize for your contest was a My Scene Barbie! How great is that! I'm honored. If you would like, as an added incentive, I will autograph the Barbie. You can decide whether you would want it personalized to the winner or just my signature. If you think this would be a fun idea, let me know and we can work out the details.
All my best,

Okay folks, make us proud and send in your entries to the first BPR Contest! The stakes are raised now - the prize will be a My Scene Barbie autographed by Nick Verreos! He will even personalize the inscription if you'd prefer. Also, be sure to visit Nick's blog to watch a video of his commentary on Olympic Ice!

Thanks Nick!


C Merry said...

He is wonderful. I do love a pitchety patchwork myself :) (Jay fan here! *wave*) but he is so sweet. Laura you should be a guest judge, or there should be an event on the show with the BPR panel I mean you guys are just like having a reporter from Time or any other news source and you really focus on PR.. make it work PR Producers!
Then of course must have celebratory party for everybody afterward at Suede.. have a walk-off.. do the Dirty Diana..

Tbone said...

We will always have love for our Uncle Nick.

Hey, I want an autographed My Scene Barbie. Is it ok for judges to enter??

AJ said...

tbone and scarlett...I'm so jealous that he mentioned you by username!! How cool is that??

I need to get crackin' on my entry...I would die to have an autographed barbie from Nick! Hello...Nick fan over yonder;)

ScubaOtter said...

Nick and Tim Gunn in that photo: Gorgeous upon Gorgeous. Has there ever been a more divine duo, I ask you?!?

I'm not creative nor saavy enough to join the contest, and with my INSANE (no, really, it's nuts) schedule, a barbie is just not enough incentive. I've never been "into" Barbie, even if it is one of the collector editions by the fabuloso Nick himself.

Now, if I could get an autographed copy of that photo of him and Tim (personally inscribed to me), you couldn't hold me back with restraints.

Alas, I must pass this round and be content with looking on from the sidelines.

We (heart) Nick!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'll be working on my entry during my spring break.

Ha! It's SPRING break, yet we had snow this week!