Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Help Diana, Get Free Stuff!

Last week, we mentioned Diana Eng's upcoming appearance at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA this weekend. Diana will be appearing with Emily Albinski (co-designer of the inflatable dress) as they unveil their new "Black Box Nation" brand of clothing and jewelry. Now, there is an added bonus to attend:

We love Diana!WANTED: As you know, we will be having a Black Box Nation fashion show at Maker Faire. In addition, we will have a booth to sell our fashion and technology wears/wares. We are looking for folks to help us manage our booth while we are preparing for the show. In exchange we will give our helpers jewelry or a signed fashion sketch and possibly free passes to the fair. If you will be in the San Mateo CA area Sat/Sun April 22-23 and would be interested in helping please contact us at Black.Box.Nation@gmail.com. Include your name, number, website (if you have one), times when you could help out, and tell us a bit about yourself. PLEASE HELP US!

Sounds like a great opportunity for our Bay Area friends to meet Miss Diana and score some unique keepsakes. Don't forget to send us pictures!


christopher.john said...

Sounds interesting! I hope Diana can get some recruits for her show... she's extremely talented, and if anyone goes, could they bring back some picks of the jewlery and the clothes? Oh, and a fashion illustration!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Thank you so much for posting! It was great help and we received a lot of replies. We were able to work something out. Now I have to get back to sewing mobius strip purse!

Many thanks and keep in touch,