Wednesday, April 05, 2006

TBone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 4

This is the 4th Part of what appears to be a never-ending recollection of the BPR Tour of NYC. To start at the very beginning, which is a very good place to start, click here!

"I can't believe we're really here!" was the general consensus amongst the BPR Tour crowd as we excitedly prowled the confines of Parsons. This is where the magic occurred. This is where these amazing designers would take a few yards of fabric and create something beautiful. We knew these rooms so well that we'd be able to recognize them immediately, right?


Those more astute than I (which I am fairly certain included just about everyone with us) would have realized that Parsons has more than one workroom! And do you know what that sneaky Pasquale did? He took us into a workroom that looked like the workroom our beloved PR designers toiled in, but no. He played a little trick on us he did. The real PR workroom was still to come.

There were a couple of students here that were doing their best to ignore our roving band of lunatics. And as we left, it was too much to resist for some of us not to leave them with a few of our Timpressions: "Designers, Carry On!" Project Runway dorks? Yes. But proud dorks were we, maintaining only the highest standards of reality fan show dorkiness.

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The Scarlett said...

Silly me, I actually thought I would see a Banana Republic accessory wall in the workroom.

LauraK said...

I'm actually proud to be a dork. I revel in it.

christopher.john said...

As well a I! What happened to BR? The new winner of PD is up.