Thursday, April 20, 2006

An Interview With Wendy Pepper

She looks stunning!
1. First of all, Wendy, you look fabulous! What is your secret?

I went on a special diet known only to a lucky few: the reality TV shock and awe diet!

2. What was the inspiration for your new line? How long have you been working on it?

I have been thinking about my line since appearing on the show. I took my time and made sure that it was exactly what I wanted to present. This was a particularly special experience for me to show in my hometown with all my friends and fellow Washingtonians in attendance.

3. How are things going at your boutique? How is Finley?

Finley appeared on the runway with me at the close of the show and I consider us the designing powerhouse duo. She is plenty old enough to give her unvarnished opinion - which she more often than not DOES!

4. Did you watch Season Two of Project Runway? What did you think?

I do not own a TV - but I was very pleased with the outcome.

5. We spotted you at Austin's show of course, do you keep in touch with any of the other PR#1 designers?

I have not seen them since the show.

6. What is next for Wendy Pepper?

I am planning for my next show of course! And I have a line of lollie pops called lollie peppers that come in such diverse flavors as champagne ("gold digger") spearmint ("trophy wife") and pomegranate("trouble"). Seventeen flavors in all - they are as yummy as they are fashionable as they are in the shape of dress forms! We are selling accompanying t-shirts with the tag line "eye candy" as well. They can be purchased through my site:


christopher.john said...

WOOOO! Go Wendy! I wosh she could show in fashion week...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad for Wendy that she is having success in her life, but that still doesn't make up for her terrible behavior on the show, in my opinion. :/

And let's face it, she was pretty successful in her field *before* PR. The only difference now is name recognition outside of the North VA/DC area. Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it. ;)

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Laura, you did it! I love that you set all these fantastic goals, and achieve them!!!

So, "shock and awe reality TV diet"? The pics of me and my favorite guy should have already done it for me, eh? Maybe BPR can get its own segment on PR?

C Merry said...

I love the lolly idea :) Congratz Laura! I think PR should have a BPR special judging segment or anything.. something to acknowledge the folks like the BPR team that still care "off the air" and make the whole experience very nice even when the show is not even on. Its like it is somehow with this place to come to.. :)

Trish said...

yeah, Laura TOTALLY needs to be a guest judge!
we already know Michael's missing a few episodes hehe!

Cindy said...

I love the idea of the lollipops. They sound yummy! Best of luck to Wendy!


Anonymous said...

Im glad for Wendy. I really liked most of the designs in the collection.

I cannot begin to understand the pressure of being on TV, stress of designing on the spot and all the other jazz. I think the TV show didn't do your designing talent any justice. I believe she went in to Project Runway with good intentions and a strategy which wasn't hurtful and as it became more and more competitive it got nasty. That doesn't justify the behaviour. I'm sure there were editing but you can only edit so much.