Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Favorite Posts

All of this reminiscing this week has got me, well, reminiscing. Scrolling through the BPR archives searching for my first comment on this blog was surprising. I had already forgotten some of the crazy things we were doing during Season 2! In honor of our recent surpassing of the 1 million hit mark, I present to you my favorite BPR posts from Season 2:

Click here to see the list!


praddicted said...

This was a great trip down memory lane-didn't you love the letter from Andrae? And Auntiemames recaps were huh-sterical. Do it again, do it again-there are a ton more great moments!!!!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

tbone--Thank you for your efforts in putting this together. It was fun to check out those past postings.
Are we going through PR withdrawal or what?