Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From The Mailbox

First, I received a note from Emmett this morning with some fabulous news:

Dear Laura:

...Yesterday a stylist from O magazine stopped in and chose a few items for an upcoming spread for Oprah's Magazine for summer reading on the beach. I say this with cautious optimism as often stylists pull quite a number of outfits for editorial pieces and quite a lot never gets out of the garment bags!

Our summer halter dresses are such a hit that we made more of them in jade green, coral, brown and lilac in sizes 0-12.

I have shipped Chloe at Lot 8 halter dresses in white, coral, jade green and lavender as we are having a designer swap. So, Kara, Diana and Chloe can be purchased in the EMC2 boutique.

Kara's kimono dresses fly out the door and with upcoming Time Out New York coverage I am sure Project Runway fans will come to seek out our "Make it Work in the Real World" designs....

More later, running to open up shop!

We will all be on the lookout for Emmett's designs in O magazine. Congratulations, Emmett. Even to be considered for inclusion in the lifestyle magazine from "the most influential woman in the world" is remarkable.

Next here is a new article about Chloe from Metroactive. (Thanks Wendie!)

Also, be sure to check out Nick's blog for two new interviews. (Thanks for the link, Bonnie!)

At Blogging Project Runway we aim to be a true clearinghouse of information about the show and the designers. We rely upon our readers to send in these links and stories - we can't find them all ourselves! So, thanks to all who continue to send us news - we REALLY appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

Was in Emmett's store yesterday--the girl just before me bought the last Kara Janx dress! He was really nice.