Sunday, April 09, 2006

Laura K's Recap - Part Three

Lunch took longer than we expected. Note to self: Allow more time for lunch next tour. I had kind of arranged a couple of "surprises" for 2:15 which I now knew would not be happening. Should we head straight for Kara's? I wasn't sure.... The next part is a blur.... We went to Macy's... I called ahead to Kara and to Emmett to let them know that we were running late.We somehow all got on a subway... I figured this would be a good time to let everyone know that Zulema might be at Emmett's.... We were STUNNED by the crowds on the street in Chinatown - how would we all stay together...? "Where's Dan?" I repeatedly checked behind me as we hurried along. I worried that we had lost a few... HOW MANY ARE ON THIS TOUR AGAIN? Who left at lunch? How many new ones showed up? As a mom I always feel responsible for everyone. I checked my watch - I called Kara... "We're almost there... I think... Please come out and find us!" AND THERE SHE WAS!

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