Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We're just fans, honest!

Every once in a while I get a comment or an e-mail that seems to suggest that we work for Bravo or somehow have an "in" with Project Runway. This is definitely not the case. We are in suspense regarding Season Three just like you are. I'll tell you everything I know:

1) There was an announcement here that seemed to suggest that the Season Three Finale would be at the September Fashion Week. This has not been confirmed by Bravo, but of course it would make us very, very happy.

2) Extrapolating from this we can assume that the show would begin airing sometime in July and probably begin filming in May. Just guessing here, folks. Since it is already April, we can assume that the producers are well on their way to narrowing down the field of potential contestants.

3) If you are a designer "in limbo" we can only suggest that you remain patient. It shouldn't be much longer! If you provided references in your application perhaps you could check with those folks to see if anyone from Bravo has called. Just a suggestion - I have no idea if Bravo even follows up on these things.

4) We know that over a hundred designers were asked to send videos. We have not heard from ANY designers who have been confirmed for Season Three. We know that in the past the designers have had as little as one day's notice to pack and head for NYC so there is still plenty of time and certainly letting us know may not be a top priority : )

5) We have not heard from any designer who received his or her video back or gotten a letter, e-mail or phone call or in any way has been notified that they definitely will NOT be on the show. As far as I can tell, everyone is still waiting. I'm sure it must be hard.

6) All of you wonderful talented patient designers who are waiting to hear, please know that we sympathize with you! We are rooting for each and every one of you - We can't wait to "meet" you. And we are in just as much suspense as you are. Basically, we know nothing!


praddicted said...

In my own tongue-tied way, I was trying to say that maybe this, too, is why MK isn't available for the first episodes-he would most likely have planned around the old schedule, I would guess but if the timing were changed, his availability might change. I'm still on the fence about this schedule, not convinced it's the way to go.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

And if the timing has changed, does this mean that there will be two seasons in a year?

When would Season 4 auditions be? And will we have another tour then? :)

praddicted said...

I'd be in for another group tour for September fashion week. Or maybe next week for that matter.

Anonymous said...

There could be the possibility that some people have already been chosen to be on the show.. but contractual obligations prevent them from telling anyone until the show airs...

Anonymous said...

As much as I love PR, and as much as I hate waiting for the new season to air in December, I really don't like the idea of a two-seasons-per year schedule.

I think the quality of the show would really suffer- designers would be forced to work at light speed, leading to shoddy work. I fear the production value would suffer.

It would become more about churning out a new episode rather than taking a little bit of extra time to show us the things the fans love- the PR musical, Dan's Q&A session, etc.

But most of all, I think PR benefits from having a shorter-than-normal season. Fans aren't going to abandon the show if it's only show December-March. They came back in droves this season after a eight month absence. On the other hand, fans will stay away if the quality of the show suffers.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

As Jennifer said, "Fans aren't going to abandon the show if it's only show December-March."

It's April, and we're all here!