Thursday, April 13, 2006

In the Mood For Mood?

Cut and Cry Blogger and BPR reader Terri M is on a mission. Will she find any of the Project Runway fabrics? Check it out!


praddicted said...

Did anyone see Hawiian prints? I'm looking for a cotton/cotton blend print to make a wrap skirt for the summer. I've had this in my mind for a couple of years now and thought I would take another trip back in and see if I could find some-I thought I looked pretty well, but didn't see any-love the Mood. A little overwhelming, though, especially when I'm so bad at EDITING. Nina would kill me.

ScubaOtter said...

How could they *not* have Hawaiian prints? Two floors of fabrics...there's gotta be a couple in there somewhere.

Of course, I've never been in Mood. What on earth would I do but just stand there, totally overwhelmed? I can't even get the bobbin tension right on my sewing machine...I've given up even attempting to sew.

tmayson said...

they have a lot of cotton prints on the floor--I didn't really see any "hawaiian" prints, per se, but I did see lots of batik-ethinic-java-block print kind of things.

One of my Mood secrets is to check out their website--they have maps to show you where each kind of fabric is on the floor. I just zero in on that section and kind of ignore the rest.

Also, you have to ask the "right" salesperson for help. Describe what you want and see if that person "gets" your vision. If not, just ask another one the same question...some are better than others, but I think all work on commission.