Thursday, April 20, 2006

Video for Mac Users - Tim Casting Season 3

(Click on the arrow to view.)

Once again we are offering up this service to our readers that have Mac computers and have been otherwise unable to view them. We apologize for the delay in presenting the videos but we hope to be all caught up soon!

Please, Mac users, let us know if at any time you are able to watch the clips on the official site. We want to celebrate this with you!


Tbone said...

Thank you Scarlett! Even for Windows users like myself who have already seen the videos, its fun to watch again.

And when it comes to Tim, well. He could talk about the composition of mollusk shells and make it sound interesting. I love him. I do.

Shorticus said...

I've been trying to watch Bravo's Top Chef, and I've decided that the show's real failing is that they do not have a Tim Gunn. He really is the key element that makes the show work. I can also see now how important it is that Tim have no input on the judging. On Top Chef, they have one guy who checks in on the contestants, but he's also a judge, so he's very much constrained in what he can say to them. Plus, he just doesn't have Tim's wit and style. And he definitely doesn't have Tim's penetrating insight. The woman judge who also blogs for Bravo is likewise dull as dishwater. Besides missing Tim, they make me pine for Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. I'd be surprised if their ratings are very good. Or maybe I'm just not that interested in watching other people cook and eat. LOL.

By the way, in my need to fill the Project Runway void in my life, I've also been watching "Designer's Challenge" and "Designer Finals" on the House and Garden channel (HGtv). "Designer's Challenge" has three professional designers give a proposal to a client with a house problem - new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. The client picks one and you see the results. It's pretty interesting. "Designer Finals" is fun in that a student designer is given a design problem, a limited amount of money and two days to do the room makeover to the client's satisfaction. Neither show lives up to Project Runway, but they keep me going.