Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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"Michael Kors will not be available for the first four tapings of the third season of Project Runway due to prior commitments to production on his clothing line..."

Do you realize what this means? It means TPTB have DETERMINED a taping schedule!

Thanks Casey!


Tbone said...

Hmmmmmmm...... and if they have determined a taping schedule can we also assume it might be sooner rather than later??

And please, no string of celebrity substitutes! Mk is impossible to replace, but at least provide someone with credibility. (stepping down from the soap box now...)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know where they are in the decisions for Season 3 Casting? I made it to the video round and I'm sick with anticipation!

Trish said...

I'm pulling for more Diane Von myself!

El Bigote said...

Tbone, I have to agree. I could take this opportunity to make disparaging remarks about Michael Kor's absence on the show being due to the world being depleted of orange skin bronzer, but I won't. Wouldn't it be fabulous if they could get Diane Von Fursternberg back, or the coupe de gras, Ralph Lauren? I know the show is about making the next great AMERICAN designer, but it would be incredible to have some of the international super stars of women's fashion on the show like Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Karl Lagerfeld, I could go on ad nauseam. There are other great names in American fashion as well. The show could get some serious street cred for having urban American designers on like LL Cool J who has a beautiful and sophisticated women's line out, designers from the House of Dereon, or the infamous Sean Combs.

Any thoughts?

Tbone said...

anonymous - send us an e-mail, we would love to hear your audition story!

trish and timophile - Diane vonFurstenberg would be perfect! Producers please don't screw this up.

You can already predict the judging controversy beginning with Episode 5. MK returns with no backround knowledge on the designers. Outrage will be guaranteed if he jumps on one of our early favorites.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Ooooh, I can't wait for all the drama of Season Three to start.
Of course my vote for guest judge would be Daniel--but I'm happy knowing that I can look forward to seeing the NYC audition footage.

Anonymous said...

I would really love to see one of the contestants like Jay, Chloe or Kara Saun return to be a guest judge. I know a lot of people didn't like Jay's guest spot, but I thought he did a fabulous job.

praddicted said...

I so agree-I would love to see Chloe, Kara, and the 35D crew judge-I thought Jay's perspective, having been there himself, was great. DVF was a wonderful, wonderful judge-I loved her conversation with Chloe. Debra Messing is lovely and may be very knowledgeable about fashion but I would have like DVF (or another designer) for the runway show. Can't wait till Season 3..at least this year we have each other to pass the time with!! I wonder if the taping schedule did change and now it interferes with some other fashion deadline for MK?

Tom said...

I have to be honest and say that I disagree with those that would like to see former PR participants or celebrities act as judges. I want professional and mature designers who have lots of experience in the business to be the judges.

Although I would not be averse to seeing past contestants making guest appearances now and then, I would rather they were working on creating new lines of clothing and new styles. Remember, PR's stated mission is to find the "next great American designer." The contestants should be concentrating on becoming that. They were, after all, contestants themselves just a few short months ago. How much could they have they matured as designers and how much more experience can they bring to the show now?

As for the celebrities, and even the celebrities that have branched out into design, they me be hot and have huge sales, but how much of that comes from great design and how much from star power? Also, a DVF will be able to look at the designs and see not only what is fashionable now, but can also put it within a historical context. Fashion may be about what is new and now, but it does not develop in a vaccuum. Remember what Tim Gunn taught us: "The entire history of civilization can be told by examining the clothes people wore – fashion – and the environments in which they lived – lifestyle." I want judges that can bring that perspective to the runway as well.

LauraK said...

How about Badgley and Mischka? I would certainly say they were well-qualified! They judged the Flower Power episode in Season Two - they went to Parsons and they are riding high on the crest of the success of their latest ad campaign featuring the Olsen Twins. Have you seen those ads? GORGEOUS!


The Scarlett said...

I've got all kinds of designers that I would love to see. Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Donatella Versace, Isaac Mizrahi, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Muccia Prada, John Galliano, Tom Ford ... the list is actually huge! Of course I loved seeing Diane Von Furstenberg last year (and I would love to see her again). IMO the established designers add so much to the quality of the show.

C Merry said...

Heck yes Badgley and Mischka did nicely before Diane V (something so graceful and lovely about her) and Donnatella what a great idea, I would also like to see Kara J and Jay myself but so many wonderful options!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Can I nominate our own Laura K for guest judge?

Everybody already assumes she has a role at Bravo-why not make it true!!! :)

LauraK said...

I spotted Freddy Leiba as the stylist in one of the current fashion magazines - I think it was "In Style." I was like "Oh - Freddy Leiba - he IS a celebrity stylist!"

Anyway, as PR gains in momentum and prestige, I believe we will see more big name judges.

Also I agree that Anne Slowey would not be ...um.... trying to be diplomatic here...the most popular choice as a returning judge.

I think that a judge should be able to watch whatever footage is available of the previous episodes. He or she should also know which designers won the previous challenges. When you consider that the public will be viewing these episodes in a certain sequence and certain things will be highlighted - it just makes a better show when the judges are knowledgable.

For instance if a designer has just won three times in a row - and that designer is once again being considered for a win - well, maybe the guest judge should be aware of it. Also, if a designer creates a great outfit for a particular challenge - but it is blindingly similar to something created in a previous challenge - well, the judge is going to look foolish if he or she is not aware of the earlier design.

Hmmmmm...do we need a new post for judging suggestions?

Anonymous said...

i heard it was marc jacobs..