Saturday, April 01, 2006

Heidi Klum Auf!

Heidi Klum bids Auf Wiedersehen to Project Runway
Klum to be replaced by Tommy Hilfiger

It was announced today that Heidi Klum has stepped down from her role as co-producer of Bravo's hit show Project Runway. Klum cited 'creative differences' that arose late in the season between herself and Miramax executives Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein has been quoted saying that Klum was never their top choice as host but her interest in producing the show led to her role as an on-camera personality.

This change may not bode well for mentor Tim Gunn maintaining his affiliation with the show. Because of some previous bad blood between Gunn and Hilfiger, a clause was written in Gunn's contract stating that Hilfiger was never to serve as a guest judge. Apparently it was not anticipated that Hilfiger could function as the show's host. When contacted for this article, Gunn declined to comment.

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Tbone said...

Click on the link Milton!

Jan the Dan Fan said...


No Tim! Don't go!!! Please don't go!

Oh, wait-just read TBone's comment... hold on.

tmayson said...

We at do not find this funny since we had to take the GMAT this morning. On the other hand, you totally got us. I guess Heidi getting the "Auf" is wishful thinking. Thanks for getting our heart rate going.

... said...

whoa, that got me, then I realized the day of the post
and then today is the 2nd, i was about to burst into tears!!

Anonymous said...


yawningdog said...

Tommy is the worst idea they could come up with. I watched his show and he was so stiff he could have been a mannequin.

praddicted said...

It's the 3rd and you got me soo good. TBone, you'll pay someday!

Tbone said...

praddicted - all I will say is that this was a team effort. I may be the front man in this particular operation but by no means am I solely responsible for this bit of devilish fun.

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Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day.

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The Scarlett said...

I liked the very idea that Tommy Hilfiger and Tim Gunn had 'bad blood.' Can you imagine what would have sparked that?

AJ said...


Since I only post every few days, I just got to this...I was like "Fa real?!"