Thursday, April 06, 2006

Nick on Reality Chat

Click on the arrow to watch.
Nick added this video yesterday. Since I don't watch the TV Guide Channel, I had managed to miss this when it had originally aired. Yes, he is adorable.


ScubaOtter said...

Nick is, of course, wonderful. But those screaching harpies...OMFG. I just couldn't listen to them any more. If that's indicative of LA colloquial expression, then COUNT ME OUT.

Yikes, people. Seriously. YIKES.

muki said...

Thank you Nick. Am hoping someone in this awesome group might have a copy of the recent Donny Deutch interview with our fantastic PR2 cast. I missed that show and am still eager to see this Donny deutch interview. Please post the interview on our beyond fantastic blogging project runway.