Monday, April 03, 2006

Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 3

To start at the beginning of this enthralling tale, click here. Those who suffered through Part 1 but missed the last episode can click here to catch up.

Arriving fashionably late, Scarlett and I make our dramatic entry into the Atlas. In the lobby were assembled a sizable throng of fabulous people. "Is this the BPR crew?", I asked (as if the Atlas lobby had seen this many people assembled in it since "On Thin Ice" was filmed there). "TBone and Scarlett are here!"

This announcement was met with a smattering of disappointed murmurs. Everyone knows Laura K is the "star" of Blogging Project Runway. These good people did not travel all this way to be led by the B-listers. "Where's Laura?", they all demanded to know. "Oh, she's right behind us", we replied, not knowing that she had no clue where she was when we made that statement.

Before the crowd revolted, Scarlett wisely broke out the freebies. She had designed the most fantastic nametags, using the BPR banner as a backround and with the words "BPR Tour 2006 NYC" above the name space. (have any of these popped up on e-bay yet?) We quickly decided that the best plan was for everyone to put both their real names and their screen names to assist us in figuring out who was who. And right then we made a startling discovery...

To continue reading Part 3 of TBone's BPR Tour Recap (and really, how can you resist), click here!
BPR Tour 2006 in front of the Atlas Apartments


Trish said...

T-bone rocks!
(actually all of you do :)
I can't believe it's been a week already :(

LauraK said...

"Have any of these popped up on eBay yet?" :) You crack me up, Tbone.

The Scarlett said...

I didn't know which stunned me more ... that I was a b-lister (I was surprised I wasn't on the D list) or the ebay comment.

BTW, did you notice that Tim Gunn wanted one of my badges? And that he actually has one somewhere? Just wondering.