Sunday, April 16, 2006

What to Wear? EMC2!

You look fabulous, Emmett!

Here is the latest news from Emmett:

Dear Laura:

...Last Monday, "What Not To Wear" was filmed here at EMC2!
The boutique was professionally photographed as it will be featured in 28 April issue of Time Out New York. I featured Kara Janx's wrap dress in the window for that photo shoot. After the New York Times article ran, a fan of Miss Diana came in and bought a pair of her earrings.

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ScubaOtter said...

Emmett is pure class. I'm so glad that his enterprise is successful. He deserves it!

What I love even more is that he keeps us BPR addicts in the loop! That is just da bomb (colloquialism added for emphasis).

I don't watch "What Not to Wear." Please tell me that they're using EMC2 as an example of what *TO* wear, as in ‘they’re doing a makeover there’ or something?!

C Merry said...

I love how he helps other people too and used Kara's dress in his window thats just wonderful I love it. His doggy is so cute.

AJ said...

ACK! I love WNTW! *set TiVo*

scuba, WNTW teaches fashion victims to dress themselves in styles and colors that are more flattering for them. Any shooting done in a store is for things that TO wear. No worries!