Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Zulema Showing Her New "Matador" Collection at BK Fashion Week(end) on May 5th!

Here is a link to the Fashion Week(end) website. Project Runway's own Zulema Griffin will be showing her latest collection there and BPR's own Ace Field Reporter Dianne (of the mustard coat) will be there for the scoop.

Emmett will be there as well - what fun!

Thank you Zulema for your generous invitations. We are very anxious to see the new collection!


Anonymous said...

excited to see zulema's collection! i always thought she was one of the season's most creative and daring designers!

Anonymous said...

i'm increasingly convinced that zulema is justified in her frustration with editing, just because in interviews andrae (so weird they didnt emphasize her holding his hand as he cried!), chloe and santino specifically rank her as one of their favorities or people they got along w/ - making shetangi's dominance really seem unlikely to me. kara seemed to get along with her well too, making me think the infamous cutandcry incident was an instance of tough love in otherwise love.

in any case, glad zulema is finally getting some love and so excited to see her matador show!

LauraK said...

Emmett speaks very well of her too!

christopher.john said...

I am aware that many people love Zulema (I being one of them,) despite other blogs that downside and embarass other designers. I am totally looking forward to your review for the show, and I can't wait to see Zulema's "confections"

~ Christopher

P.S. The newest winner of Project Designer Cycle 3 is here:

Tbone said...

I always felt Zulema never got enough credit for saving Kara in the BR challenge. Yea, the whole "cry and cut" business was funny, but it was exactly the tough love needed to bail the team out. When it was time to "make it work", she came through and made a great dress.