Sunday, January 22, 2006

Advice for Project Runway Season Three Contestants:

1. Use bright colors in your designs. These look great on the screen. Don't use anything that can be described as natural, beige, oatmeal, or cream. These just appear bland and washed out. Also, don't use maroon, burgundy, plum or navy. These colors are regarded as "Mother-of-the-bride" or "Dowdy" by the judges. Also, generally avoid pale pastels. Bright pastels are great - just no pale yellow, apricot, or powder pink. Black and white are acceptable, but not as preferred as bright, clear colors.

2. Don't be afraid of prints. These can be used very effectively and can really make your design stand out. This is of course, provided that your "taste level is there."

3. Do not offend your model. Do not insult her, do not say any part of her body is anything but ideal. You and your model - in any particular challenge - are a TEAM. Do not criticize anyone else's model either. She could be yours for the next challenge. You want your model to love you and your garment. Ask her for advice. She is your advocate on the runway. Keep her happy.

4. Personality counts more than talent. Let your personality shine. You can be overly emotional, you can be angry, you can be funny, witty, dramatic, bitchy or outrageous. You can even change your traits from episode to episode. Just don't be boring. Boring is the kiss of death on a reality show.

5. Your personal style counts. We notice what you wear on the runway, what you wear when you are out shopping, even what you wear when you are sewing. Please make it count. We can't have a winner without any personal style. And again, we don't want boring and we don't want dated. We want something fun. Pay special attention to your face and hair. These count the most. We're checking your hairstyle, your hat, your earrings, your jewelry and your eyeglasses. Take advantage of the make-up artists. It really makes a difference. Your face is shown the most on television, more than your body, so please pay attention.

6. Above all, remember that you are designing for a hip 18-year-old girl who is built like a fashion model. Do not suggest that your design is for anyone more mature. Kiss of death.

Okay readers, please add your advice as well!


Deb R said...

7. It would be good if you know how to use a sewing machine and understand the basics of garment construction before you come on the show. It's all very well to design on paper, but if you get in front of millions of people and must confess that you don't know how to change the thread on your machine or how to make a bodice fit properly, that's not too impressive.

8. Not all sins can be hidden with trim.

Marsha said...

LK, great list! I'll add #9 (after debr's comments): Learn to play well with others!! Truly, teamwork is very important in business -- and ultimately, fashion design is business.

Anonymous said...

10. If the Good Professor comes into the work room, puts his hand on his chin and says "I'm just not seeing it", by all means scrap the design and start over.

Anonymous said...

awesome on all the way!!!

ps - just discovered your blog, and have become obsessed. u rule!

ps...i got some dirt on zulema from a friend who went to school with her.

she aint 28 :)

Anonymous said...

My advice: If you're a man, be gay and outrageous. Women love over-the-top gay male fashion Jay. Or Mizrahi, etc.
If you're a woman, be kind of plain in a pretty way. Don't wear too much make-up. Women don't like female fashion designers who are more glam than they are. Think Wendy before the makeover. Think Vera Wang or Donna Karan.

The Scarlett said...

My advice: have some signature sound bites. Think of Andrae and you think of "Where the HELL is my chiffon?" Think of Nick and you hear him talking about the "Whickety-whack." We like to hear this because it gives us something to say to each other the next day. Learn from Michael Kors who gives some of the best sound bites of all!

LauraK said...

You all are great- my blog would be totally boring if everyone typed "I agree with Laura K." Thanks for all of your input! Austin Scarlett is an example of someone who always looked impeccable. It can be done, if they care.... It was just really fun to watch Austin and to see what he would be wearing in any episode or setting. Now I'm not saying that the designers should be "impeccable." In Austin's case, that is his style.

Zulema does this well, with the earrings and sunglasses and hats and EYESHADOW. Santino also has a great personal style. Even though it might not be to everyone's taste, at least he makes an effort with hats and cuffs and his goofy t-shirts. I've already mentioned Diana's jewelty and sweaters. This makes the show more interesting for me. Thanks for listening!

LauraK said...

Oh I thought of something new! The judges are seated lower than the runway and therefore they are in a great position to view the hemlines of your garments - so PAY attention to your hems!

And leave time to steam your garments before sending them out to the runway.