Monday, January 09, 2006

The Banana Republic Design Challenge

Thanks to Erin we have a little more insight into this week's episode. It seems that the challenge has something to do with Banana Republic. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

hi laura!

your site is awesome. i've been itching for a one-stop shop for all things runway ever since last season, and you've answered my call. excellent job, both on keeping us informed and being so good at reading the previews and eliminees-to-be.

i'm in nyc, and last year i dashed to the rockefeller banana to see (i knew i didn't have the funds to buy) wendy pepper's cute little capelet piece. according to the saleswoman i spoke with there, the dress sold out in less than two hours. now, there may have only been two dresses on sale, but that's still cool.

also, the same banana displays the winning dresses every week! i dunno if anyone's been sending you photos or anything, but i'll bring my camera next time i'm in the area. santino's dress for nicky hilton was surprisingly unfinished looking at the bottom (but pruposely so); much hemlessness and helter-skelter cuts going on. i was surprised.

still hoping to run into diana one of these days...

again, great work!


christopher.john said...

Hay all of those BPR fans out there i'm holding a compiton JUST LIKE project runway on my website: and every week somewone gets elimanated just like the show. Except the designers DRAW the designs instead of sew them, but they are GREAT artists. Season One is over, but i'm starting Season Two. So if you don't mind, please check it out.

christopher.john said...

on Window Shopping the designers will create a day-to-night retail garment for the retail market (i know this for sure:

LauraK said...

Hey Dianne,

Of course I would be delighted to see your photos of the clothes from the Banana Republic Store. I'm sure my readers would enjoy seeing them too. That would be great!

And thanks for the encouragement.

Take care.