Sunday, January 29, 2006

Beautiful Brenda

Here is a link to more images of Brenda Strong at the SAG Awards. (Just do a search for Brenda Strong.) This is a gorgeous color on her, Nick. She looks fabulous!


memee said...

Wow! That really looks like a Nick dress. The back is really cool looking from what I could see in those photos.

AJ said...

It's SO beautiful! When I first saw her on the red carpet, the color was just "wow!"

And then when DH won, and you could see the back and everything, just a stunning dress. Plus, for some strange reason most of the Desperate cast wore purple gowns, but when they were onstage, Brenda really popped because the color of hers was much richer and vibrant.

Nick did a wonderful design!...per usual;)

Anonymous said...

I knew the dress was Nick's right when I saw it, without even knowing who he designed it for!
It's great that he has a style that permeates all of his garments.

LauraK said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Don, my blog would be totally boring if everyone just agreed with me! There is more info about the dress (and jewelry) in Nick's blog today.

AJ said...

Hooray for honesty!

I genuinely liked it though, maybe it's the rabid fan in me, but I thought it was perfect on her.


I thought Marcia Cross looked really beautiful too.

ABC said...

Even I agree with the comments that the dress is boring - and I'm a die-hard Nick fan (although, less so after seeing him mope and give up this week).

I just don't think the dress is flattering for her shape, either. She sorta looks like a drag queen. And from all those bra-Seinfeld episodes, I know she isn't a dude.

LauraK said...

In order to present any "Couture" on Project Runway, we're going to have to allow the designers a LOT more time! Oh - I just remembered, Andre's Barbie dress was described as "couture."

nsa said...

They're not rewarded for couture--the lingerie challenge--case in point. Andrae's Barbie dress wasn't liked b/c it was "couture." If I was a contestant and my goal was to get to Fashion week, I'd try to stay in the area between not totally boring but not outrageous.