Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Big News For Tonight

I'm going to try something new here tonight. Are you ready? Our east coast fans are going to provide live posting of tonight's episode. I'm going to set up TWO threads. One is for Tbone ONLY - to post his blow-by-blow account in his singular voice. The second will be for everyone else - feel free to interact and comment back and forth.

West-Coasters who want a preview - please tune in - if not - don't. I'll put the word "Spoiler" in the titles of the posts. ALL of the messages will be in the comment section so you'll have to click on the comments to read it anyway. Is everyone with me so far?

Now this is important: Let's check our etiquette here. Please don't post "I agree" or "You are so right" comments. These just take up space and don't contribute to the conversation. Also, spelling, grammar and good taste are important. No wickety-wack comments please. Extra points for wit. I'm trusting you to keep this a positive experience.

Who's in? East coasters - I thank you!


AJ said...

Awesome...I'm so there!

Although I watch w/ my mom and we usually camp out in the living room (no computer...)

I'll break away a few times to post if I can:)

erin said...

i'm a midwest coaster...i might try and stop in during the show since i always forget my witty comments by the time i get on here the next day.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited, i might pee my pants! Not sure which is more fun - the nervous anticipation before a new show, or the deconsruction on the day after.

I'll do my best to provide as much detail as possible, but will probably stick to the hard facts and spoilers. I'm relying on others to add much more spice and humor to the threads. Less than 8 hours until showtime!!