Friday, January 27, 2006

How To Add Heart to Your Profile -

Sure! If they want to use the images I created, (and are already hosted), do the following:
1. 'Right click' on the desired photo. A box will pop up.
2. At the bottom, find 'properties' and 'left click' on it. A box will pop up.
3. In the middle, you see the URL address. Highlight it and copy.
4. Go to the Blogger 'dashboard' and click on 'Edit Profile.'
5. Find the heading 'Photograph' and paste the URL here.
You can also make your own hearts at this address:
Remember if you make your own heart, you need to save the picture to your computer. (Right click and 'save picture as') then they need to host it somewhere. A good place to host pictures (and have a small URL) is

Thanks Scarlett!


Tbone said...

Brown Cow?

LauraK said...

Where did I lose you?

Jan the Dan Fan said...

url exceeds the 68 character maximum :(

I'm so not the computer nerd

LauraK said...

Okay, you'll have to save the photo and rename it to something shorter. More later gotta go!


The Scarlett said...

Tbon ... did you make your own heart? If you do make your own heart, you need to save it on your computer (right click and then 'save picture as') Then you need to have the picture hosted somewhere. A good source for hosting is because you'll always get a small URL.