Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Have a New Theory....

Maybe, somehow - through some convoluted rule change or something - Diana and Emmett are eliminated this week. Kara and Zulema win. Kara sticks with her model but Zulema asks for a "walk-off between the three models" meaning Rachael, Cara and Lesley Ann. Zulema chooses Lesley Ann.

Next week for the "On Thin Ice" challenge Zulema wins again and Marla loses. This explains why Lesley and Cara are standing next to Heidi in the photo. This time Zulema (puffed up with power and confidence) is not happy with choosing between Lesley and Cara - she asks to see ALL of the models. This is why they are all lined up. Remember, Zulema is a former model. She knows what to look for and she understands the benefit of having the right model. This time Zulema picks someone else's model -thus prompting the outrage from Nick.

What do you think?

Also, I changed my picks again. Since I am pretty sure that Emmett will be out either this week or next, I chose him as the loser. Since I'm pretty sure that Zulema will win either this week or next I chose her as the winner. I can just keep these picks for both weeks if I have to!


Anonymous said...

is it possible that zulema has the walkoff at the beginning of the iceskating episode (with the three models), and then she gets kicked off during that episode? i suspect that if she did have the walkoff, the winning designer from that episode would want to reshuffle the models on the next one so that s/he can reclaim his/her original model.

is everyone convinced that the person in the bottom middle of the screencap is zulema?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Laura. I am still thinking its Marla/Diana this week and Emmett next week. I think your earlier theory that the model we think is Cara might actually be Shannon has more credibility.

The only thing I'm sure about anymore is that guessing who is auf next week will be much easier than this week!

LauraK said...

Cara or Shannon.... Cara or Shannon....????

Kim in Oregon said...

I just cannot see Zulema winning twice. Has she done anything that suggests she can be a winner, other than the stuff she brough to the tryout?

Should be a fun episode!

Rachel said...

I think the model standing next to Heidi is Cara. Shannon has much better posture than that, and she always wears her hair down. Plus, Shannon is very smile-y, and the girl in that picture looks like she has a very "Cara" expression.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I've convinced myself that the designers are Chloe, Santino, Daniel (back) and Andrae, Zulema, Kara(front). The models look like Heather, Grace, Tarah, Lesley (Racheal??), Heidi, Cara (Shannon??), Eden, Danyelle, Rebecca.

Given the above and that Marla/Diana lose Ep6 and Emmett Ep7, Lesley and Cara are there and shouldn't be and Racheal and Shannon aren't there and should be. It would be easiest if looks were deceiving and Heidi is flanked by Racheal and Shannon. All the pieces then fit.

Is it possible that Diana/Marla are out after Window Shopping but the model rules change so that another team is forced to take the losing models? That is the only explanation I can think of for Cara's presence if Marla is gone. (It could also mean that Nick's anquish is aimed not at Zulema but at Heidi for announcing the new policy: "I can't believe the B&%$ch did that!")

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Laura, how certain are the pairings for this challenge? Is it possible that Marla is actually w/ Chloe and Diana w/ Emmett?

Although I think I just answered my own question when I remembered a shot of Marla and Diana working together in the preview...lol

I agree that Emmett and Diana are sent home tonight and Marla next week. Zulema and Kara win this week, Kara sticks with her model and Zulema chooses Lesley Ann (whether this is the walk-off, we don't know.)

That would explain the picture, because while it's not high quality or easy to see, that looks a helluva lot like Cara to me on one side of Heidi w/ Lesley on the other.

I have no clue and have just about examined that screen cap to death...guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens tonight.

Winner: Zulema
Out: Diana

...at least for now...until I change my mind again :p

Kathleen Bolton said...

I watched the preview blip on the offical website, and Tim clearly said that the teams had to pick ONE model from the pair, ONE design, etc. So obviously Marla's zombie model Cara wasn't the one selected in that particular challenge, which would explain why she's still around for subsequent epi's.

Moi ;) said...

From the trailer, it looks like Diana is freaking about something. So with Marla being fairly incompetent, I can't see her pulling anyone through anything....I think it's the Marla/Diana team to bite the dust this week.

I agree about Zulema stealing the model - so she must win this week. Ugh. Why don't I like her?

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone assume Zulema wins a challenge at all? If the winner *does* choose to pick a new model, everyone else re-picks as well in the order Heidi draws their names, correct? Who's to say Zulema isn't just taking her pick after her name is drawn?