Sunday, January 29, 2006

J'Adore The Manolo

Have I mentioned how much I admire
The Manolo? I consider him (as many bloggers do) to be my mentor.

He gave me the most excellent advice for BPR, which I will pass on. He advised me to post frequently and to aim to "amuse." I think of this every day. He also sent me some valuable encouragement when I really needed it.

Thanks Manolo!


Tbone said...

The Manolo, he is super-fantastic! Indeed it was The Manolo who first gave the link so the tbone could find Laura K and the fabulous BPR.

All friends of Laura K and BPR who have never visited The Manolo should do so immediately. He offers insight on the beautiful shoes, sage fashion advice and much humor revolving around the Karl Lagerfeld, the David Hasselhoff and many others.

Manolo said...

Many, many thanks to the Laura for her most kind words. (And to the tbone!)

For the Manolo, one of the best things about the internets, it is the truly wonderful people one meets on them.

Muchos Besos!


P.S. You and your blog they are indeed super fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie to BPR, and really appreciate what you're doing!! I know it can be time consuming, but we all love it. Thanks a bunch!

The Scarlett said...

Laura, I found you originally from Manolo. He is one of the kindest people on the internets and he is the reason I started a blog in the first place. Now, I'm off to make a Hoff heart for him.

LauraK said...

Are you "The" Scarlett because of "The" Manolo? Awwwww....