Monday, January 30, 2006

Nick, Brenda and David

I crossed my fingers and suggested to Nick and David that it would be nice to have a photo of the "two of them with Brenda in the dress" - and voila! Look what was in my in-box this morning! Thanks Guys! Best of all, there is a great article on
Nick's blog about how this all came together.

Yes, it reminds us of the Nicky Hilton dress because Brenda saw the episode and contacted Nick about making a similar dress especially for her.

Also, I watched the SAG awards and Brenda was sttanding next to Eva Longoria and I was like "Whoa!... Brenda's really tall!" Well, according to Nick, she is 6'4" in the heels that she was wearing. Please check out Nick's blog entry for great information about the jewelry that Brenda is wearing as well as the fate of the dress!


Anonymous said...

The dress is beautiful!!

AJ said...

She's SUPER tall! I thought I was tall at 5'9"...Brenda is an Amazon!

She looked beautiful though

stacy said...

She looked gorgeous & really stood out in the crowd! I bet he loved seeing his dress on stage when they won ensemble!

Marley Gibson said...

That dress really sparkled and stood out last night. She was the most vivid "Housewife."

Marley = )

Anonymous said...

didn't see the dress on stage - but seeing this picture I don't really like it - doesn't it make her look funny across the bust - belly - hips? probably me - Nick is great though -