Sunday, January 29, 2006

Observations and Speculations

Did anyone pick Daniel to win last week? I was just looking through everyone's "speculations" for last week's episode and I didn't notice anyone picking Daniel. I guess everyone was surprised. Pleasantly surprised of course!

It's a little bit early for speculation about next week's episode. But I have some great observations coming in already. First, we can expact some kind of a garden theme - that's pretty clear. BUT there is a preview that aired after the last episode which shows the designers in the workroom and you can see the bags from Mood and there is definitely fabric on the mannequins. We can also see some plant material - sort of long grassy stuff on the tables. So it apears that these garments will be constructed of some combination of fabric and natural material.

Also, we see brief glimpses of each designer in the workroom and they certainly seem to be working individually. No team challenge this week. Definitely not.

Another observation which has been made is that since we saw the models in full hair and make-up (leftover from the Ice Skating Challenge)during the famous walk-off, it is apparent that the model-picking is done (at least in this case) fairly soon after the runway show. So why all the pretense at the start of the show with the sun rising and Zulema waking up and doing the dishes - THEN going to the model-picking...???? It appears that the designers change clothes and freshen up a little, but there must not be enough time for the models to get totally out of make-up.

Okay now HOW AWKWARD was that scene in the "Tresemme room" after Zulema is "Aufed?" Even Tim says "Quiet's getting more intense...." Is this because Zulema took Tarah? Did we see any anti-Zulema indications before this episode? Wow that was stressful. I hope no one else trades models.

So, your turn for speculation. Who will win this week? Who will be out? Who does Nina say, "I'm not impressed any more" to? Whose model "...looks like a doormat?"

And, most important, who knows the room number of the girls' apartment?



Anonymous said...

I picked Daniel to win last week!:)

AJ said...

This challenge sounds like something I had to do for a materials class once. I picked a bunch of branches and spray painted them gold to create a woodsy nymph type ended up cool, but I don't know about it being good for a

In response to the model picking, I think that they do this to create the idea of a day going by...I guess it looks good on TV.

I can't begin to think who's going to win at this point, but I have an inkling that the "I'm not impressed" comment is going to Chloe :(

AJ said...

random note...I'm sitting and watching the SAG Award Red Carpet...

Brenda Strong (I think it was her anyway) is wearing a GORGEOUS purple dress! If it's a Nick V design I must know

Someone better get her talking about her dress kids;)

Anonymous said...

Another random note, based on your entry - Tarah, the "auf"ed contestant's model, will probably be eliminated this week, unless Daniel decides to switch his model for her.

Anonymous said...

I think winner:
Either Santino, Daniel or Andre.

Santino may actually shine in this episode, for he is the designer who has been working in the stragest materials. Feathers, etc.

He may actually be able to "Santino" this one up and do quite well.

I think Daniel has the senseabilities for this as well as Andre. Andre certainly has an eye that tends to create something different from the norm, but still make it beautiful.

I am still amazed at his Nicky Hilton dress. I adored it, and it was the only one I would wear besides Dan's.

Hm. Doormat. Doormat. That sounds like a Kara statement.

And the "I'm not impressed" Is either for: Santino, Nick or Kara. Maybe Andre.

But Dan is definitely safe, me thinks.

That boy has a golden touch. *knock on wood* He is the one designer who has constantly made quality designs. Even when he doesn't win, things look well made and overall ascetically pleasing ;)

LauraK said...

Wow Bettie, you're sure going out "on a limb" with those predictions! LOL

Anonymous said...

winner: Daniel V (unless he implodes or self-destructs, he's gonna win it all. This guy has the creativity, the personality, and the marketability to be a great designer. The other guys are cool too, but Daniel has the total package. Also, he's never really "stunk it up" on the runway. Throughout the process, the judges have all seemed to be generally supportive of his work and not bad-mouthed him.)

out: Kara or Andre [probably not Santino though, because of the drama (and Timpressions) he brings to the show]. Have you ever noticed that in the credits at the end of the show it notes that Bravo and the producers have input on who is "out". Ratings are important ;) It WON'T be Daniel, cuz they know I'll probably stop watching...(ya I'm biased) Could be Andre, if he falls flat this week; Chloe is generally strong, and should be safe. I'm guessing it will be Kara.

Nina's never been impressed with Santino, and they have both been open about their angst towards each other. He'd be the obvious guess, but I'm going to speculate that she was commenting about someone unexpected. I'm gonna say Kara.

Santino probably makes the doormat...but that's too obvious. I'm gonna say Nick is still shaken because of the walk-off thing, and maybe he had a weak showing. There wasn't much Andre in the next week tease either...hmmm. Nah, I'm going with Kara.

I hope they're not picking on Nick, Andre or Daniel. These guys are my favorite characters...but Daniel is my favorite designer and personality.

Sorry for using sooo many words... -t

Anonymous said...

I predict that Santino will win and Kara will lose.

Anonymous said...

Daniel V. is my favorite and I'm hoping he wins the whole she-bang. My predicts for the final 3 are Daniel V, Chloe, and (toss up) Andre, Nick & Santino.

As far as next episode, not sure if anyone else here watches America's Next Top Model or not, but there was an episode where the models had to create their own outfits out of the elements of nature. Leaves, branches, mud, etc. I'm thinking they have to do something like that.

Zulema was getting a little too full of herself, especially after that walk off! I'm glad to see her gone.

I don't think Daniel V will change models. He loves Rebecca too much. I think he will keep her. She is gorgeous and models his clothes very well.

If this episode is about embellishing using grass and things, Santino very well may shine because we all know he is good with the "wickety wak."

Tbone said...

Laura, you made me do it. I re-watched the beginning of episode 2 just to figure out which apt. # the girls were in.

Zu, Kara, Kirsten and Lupe moved into Apt. 37G. Chloe (I'm with you til the end, baby) moved in with Zu and Kara after Diana was aufed.

So, it's the boys of 35D vs. the girls of 37G!

Anonymous said...

My problem w/this immunity thing is that if Santino or Kara wins, of my four favorites will be out.

I hope Santino doesn't win...

LauraK said...

I've watched America's Next Top Model exactly once and that was the episode that I saw! I thought of it too - hopefully the PR version won't involve mud....

LauraK said...

Tbone is officially the #1 inmate of the BPR Asylum. Thanks for the info. 37G is just as important as 35D!

Anonymous said...

This may be a little far fetched, but I have this half baked idea that Daniel will somehow get Tarah back for Nick... highly unlikely, but being a huge Danfan and having seen how sweet he was to Nick when Zulema took Tarah, I thought it might be possible. Also, if Daniel stays with Rebecca, it would be a pity to see Tarah go because of what is mostly a technicality, as she is one of the best models.
In the way of who's out, I think it's going to be Kara, unless they trick us and it's someone we really love (please no!!). Kara's simply had a weaker showing than everybody else at this point, so it's likely that she would go. I agree with Aj that the 'I'm not impressed' could be to Chloe, who, although I love her, has had designs that are very similar to one another.
I thought of ANTM as well when I first heard about the challenge!

Katey said...

I would actually love to see Santino win this, and I agree with everyone else who says this is a challenge where he could definitely shine. He was so impressive at the beginning and I think he's starting to pick up the pieces and move on up again. If Kara goes this week (and I really can't think of a reason why she should stay, and I don't see her designs as being very good at incorporating unusual elements) then it's all people I like from here on out. Whereas I used to watch eliminations with some detachment (Marla or Guadalupe? Who cares?), it's going to start getting really tough.

Winner: Santino
Out: Kara

Aaron said...

Santino, Kara and Andre have all had their share-- perhaps even more than their share-- of ridiculous and disliked outfits. I don't see the judges as being impressed by any of them as a designer.

In particular, Kara, seemingly the most popular choice right now to be out, will definitely be trying to push boundaries after being ridiculed last week. I can't imagine her next dress being boring enough to look like a doormat!

However, the two designers who started out strong but have stumbled lately are Nick or Chloe. Considering Tim's comment to Chloe in the last episode about needing to "think outside the box," my prediction is that she plays it too safe yet again and is chastened for it.

Winner: Andrae or Santino
Out: Chloe (sorry, Chloe!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's looking like a greens and flowers as materials type of challenge, which I have to think would give Santino and Andrae the advantage, since both of them have been shown to use embellishments and so forth. In terms of styles, it seems to me it would be the last thing 'clean lines' Chloe would want to deal with, at all, however I think she'll do better at it than Kara, who I think is the least creative of the remaining bunch.

So, I think Andrae wins, and Kara is auf'd.

Meanwhile, I think Nina's 'I'm not impressed any more' comment is actually addressed to either Michael Kors or Heidi, during the judges' chat - she's practically looking past her left shoulder as she says it. She could have been talking about anybody, and also in response to someone else saying 'I'm still impressed with blahblah'.

Kathleen Bolton said...

Maybe I'm reading the tea-leaves (g) too much, but aren't the top three designers working furiously on their Fashion Week collections at this moment? And wasn't there a Chloe sighting at Emmett's new store last week? I'm taking that to mean she's still in NYC working on her PR collection (this is all wishful thinking, BTW). Also, we haven't heard much of Daniel V because he too is busy with his collection (more wishful thinking). The remaining contestant who we haven't had sightings of in LA is KARA!

So based on my totally wickety whack deductions, I think Kara might actually win this one, claim immunity for the next challenge, and exhaustion and burnout will cause another more favored designer to implode. Chloe, Dan, and Kara make it to fashion week.

The Scarlett said...

I'm predicting that Andrae wins this one, claiming immunity. I'm predicting that Kara is auf'ed.

Here's something else I'm now predicting: It will be 3 guys in the final 3. If you look at the Atlas apartment site, 35D becomes available after February 15th. 37G shows no availability. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Therefore, I'm now predicting that Chloe and Santino are also going to be out. But here's what I'm wondering ... with only two more episodes before 'What's My Line?', how are three going?

LauraK said...

Remember this was filmed in June. Do you suppose that the designers will be staying in the same spot for Fashion Week? Or that PR Producers have been paying rent on 35D ever since June. I'm sure it's possible.... We'll see...

The Scarlett said...

Laura, it seems to me (just guessing of course) that Bravo paid for 35D through fashion week. They did not do the same for 37G. I'm not sure where the designers are staying. Who knows, maybe the models are staying there! Think about it, the models know who the final three are as well as the designers themselves.

Does anyone know if the models have blogs????

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that Kara is out and somehow Santino is in. Immunity for next week forces Nick (sob) out and hence the bad feelings between Nick and Santino. Just a guess on my part.

Anonymous said...

Last year, Kara, Jay and Wendy all shared the same apartment during fashion week-remember Kara and Wendy were supposed to share a room and Kara slept on the couch? And people could be in NYC for the reunion show-wasn't that taped close to fashion week?

P.S-Laura, you rule!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Just my guess, but I think Kara is out this week. She's trying to hang on, but just not as strong as the others, and I think something like this week's challenge; using non-traditional materials may unhinge her a little.

Andre's been quietly closing in on everyone else - the stuff he's been turning out lately is great. I pick him for at least top 4.

Winner this week is so iffy - Santino really might make this one his and work it to his advantage. I think he really needs the immunity more than anyone else since he's on the chopping block more than anyone.

My different scenarios - all of which factor in Kara being out this week:

Santino gets immunity, Chloe or Andre is out the week after.

If anyone else wins I think Santino is gone next week.

A little husband was musing, if they get immunity next week, what's to keep them from not doing anything for the next challenge. To which I replied that it might be a challenge that works to their advantage, like having a celeb wear the winning garment, or having it reproduced or whatnot. I don't understand the immunity component this late in the game.

Anonymous said...

i think the i'm not impressed anymore goes to nick, but i don't think he'll be out. i think kara will be out

PhillyKat said...

I had a feeling like aj that the negative comment was toward Chloe (or Nick). I also think the doormat comment may have been toward Andrae. I don't know why I just do. However, considering the bright green, it may have gone toward Nick.

I've made the decision to just pick Daniel to win each week. That's it. No changes. I'd been waffling between Kara, Andrae, and, dare I say it, Nick to go bye-bye. Right now I have Kara, but I'm afraid I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

If anyone remembers last season, the last three contestants were sent home to complete their runway collections. I remember watching Tim Gunn visit them each in their hometowns. They all arrived back in NYC for fashion week. This year, PR is walking on Feb 10th.

The Atlas Apts could have become available months ago (someone else could be staying in them now) because the show was taped over the summer for a month or two. The last 3 should be at home finishing their runway collections right now.

I guess we'll see..

Anonymous said...

Kara is the obvious choice to go, but I'm thinking of the Wendy thing last season. I'm thinking Santino or Kara. I don't think Nina is talking about Chloe. For some reason, you can tell she likes her, and that just doesn't sound like something she'd say to someone she likes. I think it has to be for someone who impressed her previously, like Nick. Possibly Santino. You wouldn't say something strong like that unless the person had a couple of bad designs. You wouldn't just say you weren't impressed anymore after one lousy design. This could fit Nick or Santino. They have both gone down hill. Originally I thought Nick would win it all. Now I think the final three will be Chloe, Dan and Andre. Nick is my wild card. All Nick's stuff is starting to look alike, and Santino's stuff is just getting weirder. And Andre was robbed last challenge! Come on! Dan's looked like some kind of strange Elizabethan collar. It's unwearable to me. My dog had something like that so she wouldn't chew her butt. Only a size 0 to 2 could wear that. I have double-D's (made by God, thank you) and that poof would be kicked up past my eyes. I'm so excited Jay's getting his own show, I could pee! One season on PR and a guest judge was not enough Jay for me. I always thought he was a show by himself.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Doesn't Jay have his own show starting???

Does that mean that the winner of this season will get their own show?

Can you even imagine a whole show dedicated to Daniel?

Oh, and my speculation--Daniel wins it all.

I'm so hoping for Kara to be OUT. She bores me and her designs are a bit cheesey. If it's not her I'll be upset. It's been said before, but I think this is the first time that I'm nervous one of my favorites will be out.

Anonymous said...

"Last year, Kara, Jay and Wendy all shared the same apartment during fashion week-remember Kara and Wendy were supposed to share a room and Kara slept on the couch? And people could be in NYC for the reunion show-wasn't that taped close to fashion week?"

They stayed at the W Hotel in a suite, not in an apartment.

But although folks are choosing Kara, remember how Wendy kept slipping through the radar, always coming in next to last? Kara might keep doing the same thing. I hope not (although she's um, not as conniving as la Pepper.

So I very much fear what could happen in this episode...

Anonymous said...

Winner: Santino. He has made some pretty nice clothes.

Loser: Nick. The editors put it out there that he was kind of giving up. In reality tv lingo, that usually means you are going the next episode or two.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. Nick might have to go because contest rules eventually. He has a partner, and there's no guarentee that he and his partner would not design the clothes together. There is that undercurrent of unfairness and I think in the end that it would not wash.

Matthew said...

My pick for this week:

(wishful thinking scenario)

Out: Santino (this is despite his mellowing out in recent episodes, and his priceless Timpressions. I just think his attitude in general has been bad, and his clothes all look the same, IMHO).

In: Andrae

(reality-based scenario)

Out: Kara

In: Santino

Matthew said...


I was at another PR fansite, and it had an episode guide for both this season and last (although this season's needs to be updated... it's most recent episode is 'On Thin Ice').

At any rate, it listed the winner & loser for each episode, and to my astonishment (as I only became a fan of the show this season), Jay never won a challenge until the last episode, where he won the whole she-bang.

Is this true?! How can this be? How can someone not win a single challenge and then go on to win the entire show?

At this rate, Kara Janx is sailing toward victory (ok, maybe not). Still...