Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some Danny Love

This one is from Mike:

On my TV there is a hottie named Dan
Designing and executing his master plan
He has the competition wrapped up
Other contestants reduced to a mere hiccup
Heidi better not "auf" my man!

This one is from Jan the Dan fan:

I love Dan.
This I do.
I love Dan.
And so should you!

This is from aj:

Daniel V has a knack for design.
His taste and skills are divine.
But if you want to get a slice,
Just ask Uncle Nick for advice,
Or simply buy him a large glass of wine

These are from Huda:

Of the four guys in 35D,
A hot one is our Daniel V.
With his hair he obsesses.
He makes fabulous dresses.
He's destined for the Final Three.

It's not hard to imagine, now, is it,
Faking a boo-boo so Daniel would kiss it?
A gentle kind man
Is our hip witty Dan.
Can we schedule a conjugal visit?


AJ said...

LMAO! Limericks ARE fun;)

AJ said...

awesome! Mine is mildly naughty.

I'm totally playing on the fact that Dan has a vast number of female fans, and that I'm convinced him and Nick make out when they think no one is looking. I'm also implying that he'd put out if you liquored him up a bit...

Just cuz I do, doesn't mean everyone

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I am one of those female fans, and I get so jealous of Nick!!! Love him too, but I almost fell over when I heard Daniel call him "babe", blew him an air kiss, AND say "I love you" as he backed out the door.

Love the limerics!

And thank you Laura for creating a special area for Daniel!

AJ said...

Jan...literally, I was like "Hold on! Back up! 'Babe'?" Then two seconds later I was like "Hold on! Back up! 'I love you'?!?!"

It was too funny! I just love love in every form!

PhillyKat said...

roflmao! houda's last one made me belly laugh.