Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thanks, Madpawn...

for these jokes:

What's Santino's favorite potato chip?


Wait, here's another...

How many Santinos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Three: one to use old-world techniques, one to use third-world techniques, and one to argue with the judges that he didn't need to screw in the lightbulb because "lightbulbs should come off, that's what I think."


Anonymous said...

i like. witty.

since this is my first post, though i am a long time reader, i wanted to mention a few of the things i've noticed in relation to santino:

- the "lighten up, it's just fashion" thing was cute. i think he got it from that runway conversation between kors and garcia with andrae on the dolled up episode.

-though i've liked santino's aesthetic, i must admit that the hilton dress was off-center in the breast area. you can tell by looking at the distance from the center to where the strap goes up on both sides, and you'll notice that the left cup/strap is smaller/shorter than the right. and it's not the model's breasts that are doing it. i thought it looked horrendous. no one's mentioned it on any of the boards i've read, so i was wondering if anyone else noticed that.


Marsha said...

Oh my gosh -- those jokes are a scream! - marsha