Thursday, January 26, 2006


Auntiemame's recap is up! Click here!

Also, remember the Kara Saun dress on eBay? The auction ends in a couple of hours, so if you're interested - get your bid in. If any of my readers wins the dress, please let us know.

Next, I just noticed that my counter went over 100,000 today. Now, that is not unique visitors, but it's still a lot. Some of you have admitted to checking in 10 times a day (Tina) another claims she checks "evey hour." Another tells me she checks in "about a thousand times a day." : ) So, I feel sure that I have a small but loyal following of devoted Project Runway fans. Thank you for sharing this obsession. I feel like we are all friends.

Now, that leads to my next, more difficult announcement. I adore almost all of my commenters. But I've had a small anonymous few who aren't always polite. I might - MIGHT - have to shut out anonymous comments in the near future if things don't improve. So, I want to encourage everyone to register with blogger. It only takes a second. It seems like you are registering to start your own blog (and you do have that option) but it's really just registering so that you can comment. There's no personal or financial information required, it's super easy. So, please register - and besides it's really fun to pick out a user name!

Thanks again for reading Blogging Project Runway!


Anonymous said...

I would prefer not to register, but I always sign my name. Is that acceptable??

And I admit I check your blog at least a few times a day! :D

Anonymous said...

I was nervous that you had to have your owm blog site-and I'm just not computer-literate enough.

I'm up for registering.

Dan Fan Jan

Jan the Dan Fan said...


I'm "in". Hee! Hee!

JohnK said...

I so love your blog. I look a couple of times a day, well maybe 5 or 6. I am linking to you.

ABC said...

Congrats on a 100k!

You do a fantastic job keeping track of PR - so it's no surprise that you have such a devoted following :)

Anonymous said...

hi my name is tina and i'm a project runway addict. i actually got a co-worker to regularly check your site as well. ugh. it's just so good! looove all the info i get here. keep it up. i check everyday...(sometimes more than 10 times a day...but shh... keep it on the down-low.) :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW! 100K in a day? i'm lucky if my blog gets 200 a day. good for you!

by the way, i LOVE LOVE LOVE project runway. i've been reading for a few weeks now and i think this website is fabulous. i've linked this blog to one of my posts in my regular blog (which is music-based) but i've made it no secret that PR is my favorite show.

keep up the fabulous work and i'll be reading for sure. :)

LauraK said...

NO! Not 100,000 in a single day! TOTAL - since inception. I'm sure there are blogs with 100,000 in a single day. Not this one!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Long time many-times-a-day checker here, first time commenter.

Love the blog and the insights everyone shares.

Been a PR addict (and got my husband into it too!) since middle of Season 1.

LauraK said...

Jennifer, it's fine if you don't want to register, but I don't think the blogger program will recognize an ordinary signature. I believe you'll have to be offially registered in order to be able to comment.

eric3000 said...

Aw, Tina, you beat me to it!: Hi, my name Eric and I'm a Blogging Project Runway-aholic! I know the first step to my recovery is admiting that I have a problem. At first it was enough to go to the Bravo site and read Manolo the Shoebloggers comments but soon that wasn't enough and I needed more and more to satisfy my addiction. Now I check the Blogging Project Runway site constantly instead of working. Does anyone know of a 12-step program that doesn't involve getting all religious? Thanks for the terrific site and for ruining my life!

AJ said...

LMAO Eric! I feel you there!

LK, I'm not kidding, sometimes I just leave this site open on a browser while I'm doing other things and hit refresh at random

I'm having issues...but they're fun issues;)