Friday, April 28, 2006

Click Here for an Feature About Emmett McCarthy

BPR loves Emmett!

Don't miss the slideshow!


Trish said...

WHEW!!! All day yesterday my sonic wall filter at the school where I teach was blocking BPR!!! THAT was 8 hours of torture!

Seems like I'm able to get on today - thank God!!!!


The Scarlett said...

Love the slideshow! His holiday collection looks amazing.

praddicted said...

1. The collection is beautiful. I guess he shouldn't be labelled as *menswear designer* any more.

2. He is so cute, isn't he? And his sister is so sweet and adorable-every time we go to my son's college, I see the sign for the facility where she's working and think of what a cool story and person she is.

3. All of the designers look great, don't they? Chloe and Kara are so radiant and Zulema looked great-good for them all!

Why do I feel like I could never like the season 3 folks as much as these guys? I'm sure we will once we get to see them and (sort of) know them, but somehow, PR2 seems special.

Tbone said...

This is a better spread than Elle gave Jay last year. Then again, Emmett is actually taking advantage of the opportunity PR has provided.

The Scarlett said...

I think Emmett did Project Runway for all of the right reasons ... he actually wanted a springboard to a new career. He was smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

PRaddicted, I thought the same thing. How could I possibly like season 3 designers as much as season 2?

LauraK said...

I know, sometimes I wish I had started BPR with Season One! We've learned so much about these designers. I only hope that the Season Three contestants will be as friendly and generous with their fans!

ScubaOtter said...

Ooh, lovin' that scruffy five o'clock shadow! Lookin' good, Emmett!

It was nice to see all the designers coming out to support Emmett's event (including Jay! W00t!).

The Scarlett said...

It's possible to even buy an Emmett PR tee-shirt at his store. (I bought one for my step-daughter).The Diana fuse necklaces were going for about $75. The belts and bags were going for moderately upscale prices but I have to say they were priced right for the quality and craftsmanship.