Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear Designers,

One of the joys of Project Runway is getting to watch all of the amazing, creative designers at work. It was striking for us to see at the auditions last month how many more dedicated, talented designers are out there that may not get the lucky chance for exposure that a reality TV show can provide. We would like to give you a little love too.

We are planning some small changes in the look of BPR for Season Three and if you are a new designer looking to find your way in the field of fashion we would love to add a link to your website or blog. We will consider you a "friend of BPR." If you are having a fashion show or an event of any type we would be happy to promote it. Just let us know.

Our community is a creative and positive place and we are keenly interested in the future of fashion in America. So, if you would like to be a part of it, don't be shy, send us your link. You can e-mail us here or just leave a comment. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura!

I think this is a brilliant idea.

Tilli (desertwind)