Saturday, April 08, 2006

From The Mailbox

First, this press release from James:

From the San Jose Mercury News (4/7/06):

RUNWAY' GUEST: Fashion designer Chloe Dao, the winner of Bravo's "Project Runway'' this season, will get another star turn at the reception on April 23 for an exhibition on Vietnamese ao dai opening at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

"Ao Dai: A Modern Design Coming of Age,'' examining the history and diversity of the beautiful Vietnamese garment, is being co-produced by the quilts museum and the Association for Viet Arts and runs April 18 to July 9. Get details at

According to the SJ Quilt Museum, see press release found here,
Chloe will be there from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on April 23.

Do we have a reader in San Jose who would like to be an "Official BPR Field Reporter?"

Next, BPR Faithful and Minnesota Viking fan, Allen, spotted this mention in The Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Making the Vikings look more striking
With the hometown team about to undergo the first big uniform change in 46 years, we asked experts for design inspiration.

Sara Glassman, Star Tribune

As fashion goes, the parameters are rough: Include tight pants, enormous shoulder pads, and use purple and bright marigold. Being stain-resistant and fetching on super-size athletes is a bonus.

Since the Vikings say it's time for new uniforms as well as a new coach, we're on the case. The team won't comment on the biggest uniform change in its 46-year history, beyond saying the ensemble might include purple pants.

The major question is: Can a new look lead to a winning season? We asked experts in fashion and football for their take. There was only a smidge of sadness about leaving the old look behind -- and plenty of ideas about how to spruce up the hometown team's style.

• • •

While some might see the team colors as a hindrance, one option is to embrace them.

"The colors are so fantastic, so I really wanted to highlight them. I wanted to make them more like little warriors going to war, who can tear the other team apart. More like rrrrrrrrrrr. I'm not the biggest football person in the world. I wanted to add horns, but I didn't because it probably wouldn't be allowed."

Kara Janx, a contestant on Bravo's "Project Runway"

"I'm all for new uniforms. Hopefully they have a big 'S' like Superman. They have to keep the purple -- it's purple pride."

For more about the Vikings click here.

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