Tuesday, April 25, 2006

From The Mailbox

BPR friend James from Santa Clara, CA had quite a weekend. He met both Chloe and Diana! Read all about his experience here.

He also sends along this report from The Mercury News on Chloe's appearance at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. News flash: she still hasn't received her cash or car! Thanks James!

And here's a great article from the Seattle Times today on Santino's visit to the Emerald City that contains this little nugget: "On Season 3, premiering this summer..." More fuel for the Season 3 fire! Thanks Florrie!


C Merry said...

Wow can you imagine if you really really needed the money? How embarrasing to potentially be the winner and about to be kicked out of your home or something. Good thing Chloe is fine as far as that goes but c'mon! I wonder how those prizes work because the whole Banana Republic end of it, why would she need a mentorship when (probably) some of the people she would be working with aspire to what she has acheived? Their own lines and store.

Anonymous said...

I can see everyone is very excited about Season 3 airing this summer. My theory is that they will tease us over the summer with audition material and maybe interviews with Season 2 cast members. If they were to do back to back seasons they could have planned on picking for two seasons during the last set of auditions if they felt they had enough talent to choose from. If they have to film at Parsons they only have the summer so conceivably Season 3 would tape from mid June to mid July and Season 4 from mid July to mid August. Then Season 3 would air as usual and Season 4 would get us through next summer with only a 2 month hiatus. The finale for Season 4 would end up in September ‘07 or so- just in time for the Spring ’08 shows in New York. Can you tell I have spent a lot of time thinking about this? This would seem like a practical solution if they were considering back to back seasons. In case I end up right about any of this I just want everyone to know I have no insider information, I’m just bored and maybe have too much time on my hands.

Anonymous said...

First time poster here, love the blog, I read it all the time. -- I read the Santino article and I can't belive he was so close to my hometown (at a Mariner's game!) and I didn't get to see him! If only I had some top secret information that would clue me in whenever a PR contestent entered Washington.. hehe.