Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Heidi and Seal - Sexiest Couple

Heidi and Seal
Click here for an article from USA Today on the Victoria's Secret list of sexy things/people, featuring Heidi and Seal as the sexiest couple. Apparently the criteria included 'self-confidence, humor, presence, achievements.'

Hmmmmm .... does that sound like anyone else we know? Sign the petition here!


ScubaOtter said...

COME ON FOLKS; keep the momentum rolling!

We only have 115 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon. There are throngs who adore the Divine TG. Forward this to any/all of them, and get them to sign the petition. Let's get Tim Gunn on the cover of People Magazine!!

The Scarlett said...

Scubaotter, you have seen through my post. Yes, it was a gratuitous attempt to get more Tim Gunn signatures.

ScubaOtter said...

That is why, Scarlett, m'dear, you are a goddess among goddesses.

And although we come from different worlds, physically and geographically, you're also a spiritual soul sistah. :)