Monday, April 24, 2006

Tim Gunn - Sexiest Man Alive

Much better than Jude LawOkay, that's not a real magazine cover ... but in my imagination, it is. A girl can dream, right?

BPR friend Scubaotter has suggested we try to make this a reality, and who are we to argue? We've started an online petition to the editors of People Magazine to consider Tim for their annual honor. Here's how it reads:

We the undersigned believe that Tim Gunn, Chair of the Fashion Design Department at Parsons School of Design and ├╝ber-mentor to contestants on Project Runway, should be named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Not only is Tim Gunn handsome, he is articulate, intelligent, witty, impeccably-dressed, charismatic and very, very sexy.

Don't you agree? Click here to sign the petition!


LauraK said...

I just clicked on the link and we need 500,000 signatures - only 499,995 to go!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I signed it!

Tbone said...

I love the captions - "Gunn Makes It Work". HA!

The Scarlett said...

Ha, Tbone ... I didn't think anyone noticed the captions.

C Merry said...

Great idea! I signed! What a wonderful thing this would be..

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I signed, although I'd love to see Daniel get the honor--maybe once he gets his own line out there.

ScubaOtter said...

W00t! We can do this, folks! Keep up the momentum!

Thanks, Scarlett, for posting this! Nice job on the ersatz cover!

ScubaOtter said...

Woo hoo! We reached 100 people!

Come on, people...send the petition to your friends, family, and in particular, everyone who propagates urban myths and e-chain letters!

There has to be a half million people out there who adore TG as much as we do. Let's go get 'em!