Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Transcript of Daniel Vosovic's Interview on Bravo

Thanks Janthedanfan for the transcript of this video. We know our mac users really appreciate it!

New Bravo Interview with Daniel Vosovic

Interviewer: Having lived through this whole casting process yourself, what would you advise and can you tell us a little bit about the experience?

Daniel: I'd have to say one of my biggest concerns with the people coming in is their lack of knowing who they are. And that's the thing, is that I guess I realized who I was kind of without knowing it. In the beginning my designs kind of spoke for themselves and I think Tim recognized that right off the bat. It's amazing how many people cannot articulate though what it is they want to say. Who they are? Who they design for? So I think it's interesting being on the other side of the table and really being able to drill and say, "What is it that you want to say? Everyone can design beautiful clothing. What's special about you?"

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Janthedanfan and Laura K! This mac user really appreciates you thinking about us!!!

C Merry said...

Thanks! :)

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Oh, my pleasure! Anytime you need me to watch and listen to Daniel over and over, I'm game!

praddicted said...

Sigh-I miss PR. I miss the 35D guys. Thank goodness for BPR for feeding my addiction.