Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When Did You Find Blogging Project Runway?

And when were you hooked?

I'll go first! Personally, I found this site when Manolo the Shoeblogger first mentioned it (here). I was a huge fan of Project Runway but had no one with which to discuss my interest in the show. I checked in here sporadically and very much liked what I saw. Then I noticed the speculation about the walk-off here, and, well, I was a goner. I liked the theories. I liked the people that had the theories. And I found myself drawn into the show even more. Suddenly instead of watching Project Runway on just the first airing, I was watching it each time an episode, any episode was shown. I was looking for the clever things that I had missed that others had pointed out here at BPR.

So now between seasons it is a little slow; we have time to stop and reflect. So, tell us (especially you shy lurkers ... we know you're out there!) how you found us and what got you hooked on BPR.


christopher.john said...

I found BPR one day when I was searching blogs for fellow fashion "victims". I came across this clever poem about shoes and I think it came from here. After a while I stopped reading, and then came back and when I did (about the second challenge [Project Runway]) I was hooked! I was estatic to find fellow Project Runway fans and people who shared my PR addiction. I was not alone! I literaly craved for new posts, long and short. Shortly After that, everyday I snuck on the computer and read, read, and reread all of the comments and posts. Now I am an offical BPR reader since...uh...a long time ago!


ScubaOtter said...

Interesting that you should bring up this topic!

I had no prior interest in fashion or any connection to "the biz." But I saw the previews for Project Runway before Episode 1, season 1, and set my Tivo at that very moment. So technically I can claim I've been hooked from BEFORE the first episode of the first season!

I still (heart) Jay's FW collection above anything else on the show. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many times I watched it. It’s pure genius!

ScubaOtter said...

Oh, wait. You were asking about BPR, not PR. My bad.

I've been hooked on *BPR* since I found the Season 2 recaps. I think the first one I read was Auntie Mame's 'it looks like a cannoli' post. I was addicted from that moment on. I check BPR pretty much daily for new stuff.

I stopped reading and posting on the official Bravo boards when I found BPR. It's 100% better!

tmayson said...

I agree with scubaotter...the Bravo site was just full of snarky, "let-me-out-whickety-wack-you" posts, whereas BPR was about the show! Somehow, I stumbled on here via Google right after the Barbie challenge. The Manolo's recaps are LOL hilarious.

So influential, I started my own blog. There's a reason the PR2 designers and Tim send all their news to you guys.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Project Runway last year, but only thought to check out the PR web site during the second season. I was really disappointed in the quality of the commentary on the boards there. One day in early January, I decided to google "Project Runway" to see what I could find. Well... you know the rest of the story. I found BPR and was immediately hooked. I was really struck by the intelligence and wit of the commentary, and also loved the friendly and positive tone. My enjoyment of Project Runway has been greatly enhanced through BPR. Thanks folks!

ScubaOtter said...

Ditto what theispa said!

C Merry said...

Haven't we always been here? I have no recollection of life before BPR... :)

praddicted said...

As my name says, I am totally addicted and during season 1, just watched alone and asked everyone I knew if they watched it. And when I say watch, I mean over and over and over again. I occasionally read the Bravo Message Boards but during season 2, the posters were so full of themselves and each other, got off topic so often or badmouthed the designers/judges/each other so much that I became disinterested. Someone mentioned this blog on a post and being totally hungry for substantive news and "good dish", I checked it out and loved the people here, the topics, the respect and positive tone and the fun we have. I think Bravo, the designers, Tim and TPTB respect & read the blog for those reasons. The ideas that people came up with for Season 3 shows were awesome! And everyone I met is as totally cool in person as they are on the blog.

C Merry said...

Yeah I had never found anyone who wanted to talk about the show in a sane manner, I am a total Jay fan myself and seems the only people I ever found just wanted to be jealous and complain about him for example *yawn*

I admire Kara and the others and how would we have ever known about all the nice extra stuff they are into and doing without BPR? Would any of them have cared to meet us without this site? You think they'd have wanted to let in a bunch of people off of a regular public message board? No, they did that for BPR because they know the quality of the site and the people running it and the folks who stop in to contribute.

Have to say this site GREATLY ENHANCES watching the show, make me look forward it more and is significant to me that the designers themselves contribute. If you search on google for "Project Runway" this is one of the top search results which means that a huge amount of people come here to read even if they don't post. I am so happy to have another great way to enjoy the show and hear from the designers and the legendary Tim Gunn :) all that good stuff.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

When did I find BPR?

I may have to go into the archives to find the exact date, but I was lurking for quite a bit before I signed in as "Jan".

I found BPR from googling "Daniel Vosovic". I was only finding sites with mean insulting people or childish drool threads. And while I did think Daniel was beautiful-I wanted to hear real opinions about the talents and workmanship of these designers.

I had only ever posted on one other message board in my life--but I HAD to share here. It was a fellow blogger who actually came up with my current name since I was a Daniel fan from the start and he was my favorite to mention.

Have I mentioned that I met him? :)

Trish said...

I told the story at lunch at RED LOBSTER!! GOD I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

I believe I found it through the livejournal PR community. I read lj during season 1 'cause it's pretty much all I could find. Someone posted something about BPR during Season 2. Once I found BPR, I never went back to lj until the night of the finale - when I just couldn't get enough PR that night.

Someone on there posted the winner before the finale aired on the West Coast. Tacky. I will remain loyal to BPR and all the great friends I made in NYC :)

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Found it:

I LOVE Daniel!!!

He's so talented and creative. I love his calm and cool demeanor--no silly drama over stress.

And I love the way he fusses with his bangs!

He must be in the final three--I found this site while searching his name. There's nothing else out there.

8:28 PM, January 21, 2006

Hee! Hee! My first post as anonymous!!! And I predicted Daniel being in the final three AND Still love how he fusses with his bangs!

I was addicted to BPR soon after this posting first posting.

ScubaOtter said...

I've been thinking some more about this and I just wanted to add:

After reading (and laughing so hard that I cried) the recaps for "Designers on Ice" I bookmarked BPR immediately. If anyone cares to look, they'll see I stopped posting on Bravo's board shortly thereafter. I loved that BPR was "recap central." But, hilarious recaps will only take you so far.

I like BPR because it's positive without being over-the-top. It's informative, funny, and it’s populated by REAL people, not just those with an agenda. It quickly became the place I chose to get my PR fix. (I back-read every single post since its inception; I don’t even want to think about how many hours that took!) Eventually Laura convinced me to post; I guess she was tired of receiving my side emails :). The rest is history.

The Bravo boards have a terrible GUI (graphical user interface), and offer a *horrid* UE (user experience. Yes, I'm in the biz; I speak the acronyms). The code is sub-par, the pages load slowly, the sites are advertising-overload, and the "optimized streaming experience" is far from optimal...it's infuriating. I have a super high-speed connection; I can't imagine how bad it must be for people on dial-up. You have to cache every single page (rolling eyes) to mark the posts as read. The sub-threading—if that’s what you want to call it—is atrocious. The site is disappointing on so many levels. Bravo either doesn't read the feedback or doesn't care that their users have a terrible experience. They're not a shoestring operation; they have the money to pay for quality coding.

Notwithstanding the awful UE code and ad-inundation, the boards regularly got hijacked by the same people with the same juvenile, cliquish attitude. The arguments got snarky and off-topic quickly, and there was no way to opt out of sub-threads or users that you didn't want to read.

BPR is so much better of an experience. No advertising, fast-loading pages, intelligent and positive dialogue, and a really fast way to connect with the info I wanted without all the extraneous 'noise.' I put up with the Bravo site until I found BPR. And when the designers and the Divine Tim Gunn (!!!) started sending posts to Laura, I was completely hooked.

BPR, you’re IN. Bravo site...You're OUT.

Anonymous said...

I got hooked through Manolo.

And I don't even have a TV...

Thanks, guys!

-- desertwind

PS - Bravo's site is terrible.

nsa said...

I think I found this site through television withoutpity.com, where I am a resident lurker. I know it was the same post that hooked the Scarlett that hooked me on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I don't even remember how I found this?!?

I think I was looking for pictures of Uncle Nick and Danny V on Google when I came across BPR. It's like the 4th down on the list if you search Project Runway. That seems like the only logical possibility.

And I, in turn, after becoming a BPR addict, introduced the site to the one and only Milton (who I yelled at to start coming back online while we were in physics today).

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Alyssa--Thanks for encouraging Milton to get on here again. I miss my fellow Dan Fan. He was such an awesome friend taping all that footage for you on the tour, and kept repeating how much you would have loved it.

We'll see you on the Season 3 Tour, right?

Abby said...

I first found BPR when I googled Project Runway. I read every now and then, but I got hooked when my English teacher told my class that she was going to start posting writing assignments on the same site as BPR was on! I was really happy I could finally comment on things I read.

Plus, everyone here is really great and positive. It makes the experience all that much nicer.


Anonymous said...

I think I found it through Google. It was sometime around the second to last regular episode, because that's when I started looking around online to see what I could find. Like others, I found the Bravo boards like wading through an open sewer - full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. And I've been lurking here ever since.


ScubaOtter said...

Yeah, I totally know what you mean! The Bravo board discussions were so INANE.

I (heart) BPR. Bravo should hire the BPR team to run Season 3's website--they know how to do it right!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

So, speaking of our beloved BPR...

I received my BPR shirt and mug from Cafe Press today and I'm loving them.

Manolo said...

Hello to the Blogging the Project Runways Peoples!

The Manolo discovered the Blogging the Project Runway when the Manolo's marvelously talented internet friend, the Laura K. sent the Manolo the email announcing this new blog.

And immediately the Manolo, who was already the devoted fan of the Projeect Runway, was captivated by what was happening in this place.

It was perhaps only natural that the Manolo should be so taken with this blog, as not only is it the wonderfully fun place, but also, the Blogging the Project Runway proved one of the things that the Manolo has for the long time been saying about the democratizing effect of the internets.

Put simply, blogging has changed the relationship between the entertainment and the entertained.

No longer are the fans consigned to the status of mere observers in the conversation between the the entertainers and the critics. In the stead, thanks to the power of blogging and the internet, the fans are now perhaps the most important part of this conversation,

Indeed it is the unwise producer who would ignore such important voices as those found here at the Blogging the Project Runway.

Anonymous said...

I have been lurking since the middle of season 2. Read about BPR on a post on Bravo's boards. I love the information and all the pictures. The BPR Tour was great and I still want to hear more. Thanks for making BPR the friendly, caring place that it is. I really enjoy reading all the comments and not having to listen to all the snarky stuff on Bravo's boards--yuck. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I resisted the show in Season 1 because I don't much like reality. Besides, how good could it be? By chance I caught the middle of the Banana Republic window ep in S2 and I was hooked. Why was I so stupid? Thank God for Bravo's incessant repeats because I caught up quickly on the entire season. I had always skipped PR posts in fashion and culture blogs, but when I became obsessed with the show I soon started reading them. Manolo got me hooked on BPR and I've never been happier.

Elier Aubret said...

At the casting call in NY!!! There I was; standing outside in the cold and the BPR Tour stopped next to me and ask me questions took pics and ask me about my work(by the way ; they relaxed me ). Since then Im a Fan!!! Of BPR. I didnt make it this year but I will the next trust me!!... Ohh and also thanks to the BPR people for posting me and wonder about what happened on my casting , that made me feel really good!... Gracias Familia!!!

Anonymous said...

I found BPR when I came back to college after winter break. My school doesn't get Bravo on tv and having watched the first season and the first few episodes of PR I was addicted. I searched for sites about PR hoping to get at least a summary of the episodes and maybe some pictures of the designs and I found this, which is even better.

Tbone said...

Jan got me to searching the archives for my first comment:

January 4, 2006: "The early buzz has Chloe getting the boot tonight. I sure hope not!"

HA! Very telling of 3 things early on - my love for speculation and spoilers, how wrong and humbling my own speculation often was and of course, my early love of Chloe!

Tbone said...

Like many, I also came here via Manolo. I basically bullied my way into live posting by taking over the comments section beginning with the "Team Lingerie" episode.

That idea came from way back during Survivor 1, when I would anxiously prowl the message boards on show nights to see the posters from Newfoundland check in with the results before anyone in the US saw the show.

For some still unknown reason, Laura has been kind enough to let me hang around. And Manolo, yes, I couldn't agree more with your comments! This site has been a supplement to PR that is often as entertaining as the show itself.

The creativity and knowledge of this community continues to amaze me.

All about the Zen said...

Was there life before BPR? It was just soooo dark back then.

ok, long story, stay with me...

My daughter, Meg got me hooked on PR in Season 1. Became a huge Jay fan. We waited not so patiently for PR season 2 to start. Became a Nick and Dan fan. Meg hosted PR parties at her apartment every Wednesday. She kept inviting me to come, but I doubt they would be as much fun with mum there! So instead she would call me after every show so we could discuss (quickly, as she had guests). I really felt I was being a burden to her and I started looking for new communication outlets. Hardly anyone I know watched the show (hard to believe, I know) and those that did were not, well, passionate about it. The Bravo site sucked. BIG disappointment. Meg had started an Ode to PR on facebook. So, I thought I'd search the internet for PR crazies (sorry, "fans") and came across BPR. Enter: Bright light and music. A site filled with everything PR (and I mean everything) and run by a mom! I've been checking in everyday since and so has my daughter. Withought BPR I would not have seen what Kara could really do! I loved her collection at fashion week! I'm now a huge Kara fan!

BPR also made it possible for me to give my daughter a PR 21st birthday! I used the links to find gifts for her from the designers. She received a Michael Kors watch, Banana Republic shirt -got both on ebay :) - "Make it Work" shirt, Jay tote bag, underwear from Kara Janx, Fashion Nerd pin from Diana Eng and a "Lighten up, it's just fashion" bag that I made myself.
If you heard any screaming on April 7th, it was Meg.

Thank you BPR

Anonymous said...

I’m one of those “shy lurkers” that found this forum from the Bravo site. I too was getting tired of everyone on that site being mean, bashing, and personally attacking each other.

I’ve been here at BPR since the Barbie Challenge reading all the great info and in-sights that was done in a clean encouraging way. I’m a big PR fan from the 1st season and also didn’t know anyone else who watched it.

I come to BPR every day and check out all the posts, follow-up with designers and great photos. (btw-you guys looked like you had a great time in NY) I only posted once about getting my “Where the H*** is my Chiffon” t-shirt.

Thanks to all who contribute so much to this wonderful site, we silent lurkers really do appreciate it.

Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Hello from another lurker/ dedicated reader. I was a PR fan last season and so excited for the new season to start that I got online (which I never do for shows) and poked around through the Bravo site. I can honestly say that I was a 'Full Dan Fan' before the season even started. What? He's hot!

I read every word of the Bravo Boards at first (why is this show so addictive!?) and someone posted about BPR a few episodes into the season, so I checked it out and looked at all the links to designers' sites.

For a while I mostly stuck with Bravo's boards, but as others have said, they were too poorly set up, full of nastiness, and not what I was looking for, so I haven't been back in a long time. I've been a daily BPR reader now for months, though I only posted once. (In the 'Project Runway: The Musical' thread, I invented the Phantom of Parsons.)

Thanks for the interesting blog, and for letting us lurkers feel included.

Gidget Bananas said...

I too found this site through The Manolo, who guides me through the Internets the way Virgil guided Dante through the Inferno.

Elier, your designs are superfantastic!

Anonymous said...

Also found you through Manolo, I guess that was toward the beginning of Season Two. Love the show, love your blog!

Here in LA, we even did our own Barbie Challenge (theme-Publicity Seeking Red Carpet Outfit) for the final episode viewing party, complete with a Barbie sized runway and backlit screen. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

OK, this is my first post. This lurker is coming out!

I came across BPR through Google sometime in early January while searching for all things Project Runway. I had been an addict of the show throughout Season 1, along with my husband, 9-year-old daughter, and best friend, and we had a great time talking about it. I went to the Bravo site weekly during Season 1 for Tim's blog and did lots of other Googling of Jay and Wendy. My friend is a blogger and she introduced me to tidbits of PR news on other sites like fourfour and reality tv.

Anyway, I seemed to "need" a lot more extra information and excitement during Season 2 and found myself Googling all the time - the designers' names, PR itself, whatever I could think of. And when I found THIS WONDERFUL PLACE - well, this was all I needed! Links to every other blog out there, links to the designers' websites, everything I wanted, all in one place! I was in heaven. And I have been here every day since, often many times a day. I have read every back post as well. I hardly ever go to the Bravo site anymore because I'm a Mac user and can't get the videos, and I know they'll turn up here. But I did love Tim's voice surrounding me for the podcasts as I worked.

I went completely insane the day of the show at OFW, didn't do a thing all day but Google and surf and read and try to get as much info as I could. I'm sure I was one of the first to see the Getty images as soon as they went up. It was like a spell that trapped me for about 10 days. Luckily I have since recovered my perspective, but it was great to come here and realize that I was not alone in my obsession!

I love the recaps, the shared info, and keeping tabs on everyone from both seasons. I love the people here! You are a great secret family, and I love BPR as much as the show itself. Thanks for keeping it going between seasons. I can't wait for Season 3!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I found you while searching for PR spoilers (shame on me). I absolutely loved this site from the first time I saw it. Its on my favorites list and I check it all the time. Great work and I can't wait for PR3.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'm loving all of these "lurkers" showing themselves! Who knew there were so many of us BPR addicts out there?

My cousin (on the tour with me) is also a lurker-hey Tine! But still a dedicated BPR fan. Oh, and she likes Project Runway too. :)

eric3000 said...

Like so many others, I must have found BPR through The Manolo (he is the king of the blogosphere). I wish I could figure out when I started reading; I couldn't figure it out by looking at the archives. It was very early in season two, anyway.

I actually used the site first to find the link to Bravo's season one site because I couldn't find a link to it through their main site (the Bravo site is not very user friendly). After getting hooked on season two, I wanted to go back and read Tim's take on season one.

Anyway, I soon got hooked on BPR and have been here every since.

Anonymous said...

I had seen BPR and rediscovered it when Manolo mentioned it but didn't really start checking in regularly until the end of season 2 when I was getting PR withdrawl. But don't let that discourage you keep up the good work and I'm sure I'll be checking in throughout season 3.

Anonymous said...

i thank the heavens for the day i found this site through fourfour ( http://fourfour.typepad.com/fourfour/2006/01/falling_off_the_1.html ). laura, scarlett, t bone--you guys are amazing! may there be much more discussion, hilarity, commiseration, and INCREDIBLE FUN in season 3!!

-dianne (the yellow coat girl)

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker, but I got hooked on Project Runway in the first season, and was disappointed with Bravo's site (like many others) and I found you through the kind offices of Manolo the Shoeblogger (like many others) sometime before the walkoff episode (I can't remember when...). Just wanted to take this opportunity and say thanks for such a great site!

AJ said...

Sorry I've been MIA so long guys!

Started a new job recently...THANK GOD!!

I first found BPR (I believe) after the Social Scene episode. I was so impressed with the episode and especially Daniel V for keeping cool under pressure. I went perusing the net for info on him and found this lovely domain and its den mother...thanks Laura!

I've been meaning to back and find my first post just for fun...

Anonymous said...

I'm an occasional commenter who found this site through Laura K's other fun site, Rick Rack Ruby.
((Note to Laura, have you seen the skirts made of silk ties that are sold in the Helsinki design center featured in last month's issue of Food and Wine magazine?))

As to PR itself, halfway through the first episode of Season 1, I happened to click onto it then put the clicker down while I poured a glass of wine for my husband. As we watched Austin weaving cornhusks and kvetch about taking on too large a project, we were fascinated. We've been hooked ever since.

I love the creativity and wit of this site. It really brightened up a gloomy winter!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you guys don't have trackback capabilities....I've left my comments at my fashion blog... I'm glad to have found y'all..Keep up the great work!

Irene Done said...

I found BPR through The Manolo and was hooked instantly by Laura's enthusiasm, positive energy and graciousness. (Laura, when do you sleep?) I think I first commented after the Barbie challenge of season 2. Even though the season is over, I still check in several times a day to find new posts and info. You all are so amazing!

TheQuietOne said...

Hi! I'm a "shy lurker". :) I found BPR through Google (either looking for PR stuff or Daniel V, I don't remember) sometime in January, and I now come here every day just to see what's new! I didn't watch season 1 and ran across season 2 channel-surfing, one of the first few episodes. I tried the Bravo boards for a while but it was so hard to wade through the fluff to get to the good stuff! So glad I found BPR.
I have a 9-yr old son who got interested in PR also, and we will occasionally "play" PR by having sketching challenges. Maybe next season I'll teach him to sew. :)
Anyway, thanks so much for all the hard work you do. It's truly a highlight of my day to come here and read all the fun tidbits.

cloud said...

I found BPR from manolo's and was amazed that Tim actually emailed!! I thought you guys were lucky to get to meet all the designers. Reading this, is like watching the episodes again, only better. (: