Thursday, January 19, 2006

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Anonymous said...

I haven't agreed with much of the anti-Santino sentiment out there. His behavior on last night's episode and this article point to a much more human persona.

Because so much about him is larger than life - his height, his voice, his vision, his aesthetic - it's easy to lose sight of his humor and talent.

He makes for good television and that is what this show is at the end of the day. Like many, I haven't agreed with the judges week to week and it seems they have kept him around for the "show" and not his design work. But I also don't think Santino will make it to the Final 3.

His auf is coming, and he will be missed.

Anonymous said...

what bothers me is the way some people have faulted Santino on everything - his hair/height/beard/voice/adams apple - not just his designs

glad to hear he takes it in good spirit - some of it has really been over the line -

Anonymous said...

Santino creates beautiful designs and garmets, you people should look past his personal appearance and realize that the whole idea of being a designer is what you make not what you yourself look like. Furthermore, being judged on how well you make banana republic and ice skating clothes is really unfair for someone like Santino who should be designing gowns and wedding dresses.

Anonymous said...

Don - you continue to offer some of the most reasoned commentary on the boards, your insight is most welcome.

I have also been curious about the Nick/Santino falling out. Nick is the only one I am aware of who has publicly stated his dislike for Santino after the show was over. Tho other LA based designers, including Andrae, have said they remain on friendly terms. Even poor Emmett, for all the abuse he took, still stated he is friends with all the cast members. But then, we know that Emmett is far too classy to say anything negative at this point.

I'm with you here, Don. I'm keeping a sharp eye on our beloved Nick. As for Final 3 predictions, I am only feeling really strong on Chloe and Nick right now based on their body of work up to this point. They are, IMO, heads and shoulders above the rest. The third spot could go to any of the others, except Kara.

As for my heritage, alas I am all Irish. I do love how Heidi says "auf wiedersehen" and how when she says the word "out" it sounds so much like "auf"!

AJ said...

Really nice article! I've said throughout this show that I think Santino is a wonderful designer. He could use a healthy dose of humility at times and doesn't seem to take criticism well, but, of course, neither do I.

Santino has incredible vision in this competition and is so hard on himself when that vision isn't executed well (lingerie challenge). Fashion isn't easy, but he seems to have it down. At only 30 he's still a very young designer, and will learn more as he goes deeper into the industry.

As for his falling out with Nick, I think that they both have such intensely strong personalities that they clash with each other. I see Santino and Nick as similar in amny ways, opinionated, focused, and so confident with the talent to back it up. I could see them having an overly competitive relationship that could turn volatile so fast...

tbone: I LOVE how you always say "auf"...cracks me up.

I also love posting here, because everyone is so well-educated on fashion and really seem to know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to prepare for Santino being "out" - but I want him in the final three - Definately Zulema, Kara and probably Andrae will go before him - The judges seem to love Chloe (why) and Nick is so very good - but - still I like Santino

I bet we would like hanging out with him - the bonus videos on the PR Bravo site are really fun - check them out