Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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...for an interview with Andre on the Bravo website. He's great! It's interesting that he mentions that he is getting a lot of attention from folks who are searching for Daniel V. Hello? Help us out here, Andre!

He also talks about the four of them sharing an apartment and that reminded me of something. Didn't Santino say something about being the last one left in the apartment after eveyone else is out? And in fact, who's left in Emmett's room? Isn't HE all alone? Could there be a roommate switcheroo tonight? Will they break up our favorite couple? Move Santino in with Emmett? Obviously the designers don't have a whole lot of choice when it comes to what the producers want them to do - or we certainly wouldn't see Emmett in that glorious pink skating blouse.... Isn't this fun?


AJ said...

That was a GREAT interview! He touched on so many things that we have been talking about

On his accent:
It goes in and out, which people will notice if they watch the show.

On Michael Kors:
Michael Kors is infuriating because his point of view is from a very American, practical way. Fashion has to be so functional in America, which doesn't leave room for a point of view like Diana Eng comes from.

On romance between him and his roomies (Daniel V., Nick and Santino):
I don't know if you'll ever see this but Santino did a funny mock-rape on me that was funny but never was there anything serious. Daniel V and I get along so well and finish each other's sentences

I still maintain that a bitch fight between Santino and DV for Andrae's affections is something I'd pay a small sum of money to

And finally...Daniel V.:
I do get a little attention but I think it's because I have a myspace account and Daniel V. doesn't. It's funny, I have been getting emails lately since we won that competition last week from people who want to meet Daniel V. Daniel needs a myspace account to take advantage of the attention I'm getting that's intended for him.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering about the roommate status also. It seems as if Emmett has been in his apartment solo since DF was eliminated.

Notice in the preview for tonight's episode that Nick, Santino, DV, and Andrae open their packages together in the apartment. DV mentions "I wonder what Emmett is going to look like" and it appears as if they don't see him until they meet in the lobby.

I'm not sure how these episodes played out in real time last summer, but since Emmett was rooming with DF and Raymundo, he's been living solo since two episodes ago. That may have only been four or five days real time, covering for the NH and BR episodes.

I don't think there will be switch, especially if Emmett is auf tonight as is heavily predicted.

Now leaving for more shock therapy.....

AJ said...

tbone, I love how you say "auf" instead of "out" or "off"...cracks me up every time :)

I figure that Emmett would prefer to live alone...and it seems the the four other guys get along well enough to stay in the same room.

And yes Laura...this IS fun!
Loves it!

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it - with Diana leaving, Chloe is also on her own in an apartment, leaving Zulema and Kara in the second apartment.

Once Andrae calmed down, I began to like him much better. I thought his Nicky Hilton dress was great! My prediction is that he gets the "Austin" spot at #4. My top three picks are Chloe, Nick and Daniel V.