Friday, January 06, 2006

Danny V Has Arrived!

Remember in season one when Jay designed the "Chrysler Building Dress?" All of a sudden we sat up and took notice. This is how I feel about Daniel's "Lollipop" dress. Isn't it great? And Rebecca looks fabulous. Okay, maybe Nicky Hilton didn't choose it, maybe it's not exactly HER taste, but this dress rocks!

In reviewing this episode I am really impressed with Daniel. He didn't even seem to work that hard on it - he sort of waited around for a while - didn't stress too much - and then "made it work." He is just completely adorable - and suddenly - a contender! What do you think?

Who knows Daniel V's website address? Blog? Anything? Thanks!

Edited to add: Here is an article about Daniel. Send more!


tonedef said...

this is my source of information for most things daniel. the only problem i have with it is jared taking photographs which he did not contribute to the internet (like the high school photo) and tagging it as his.

erin said...

i became a daniel fan during this past week's ep. he was so calm after he realized he had bought the wrong color material, and he turned his mistake into a brilliant creation. i think this was my 2nd favorite on the runway.

Anonymous said...

Daniel epitomized grace under pressure this week. He's had consistently beautiful designs and I think he's sort of the quiet contender right now. He's not particularly flamboyant or noticeable as far as the show goes, but he's a strong designer who clearly knows his shit.

I'm excited to see what he comes up with throughout the competition.

Moi ;) said...

I really loved this dress. I thought either he or Nick would win.

And the people who sold Daniel the fabric ought to be smacked for not providing proper lighting.

Santino is Not in the lead on the PR/Bravo site, BTW. Nick's winning. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link to the article about D.V. I loved his dress and also Nick's. I'm just amazed they didn't make more of an impression, but really, D.V. is my fav now. He didn't freak, get nasty, go crazy...he asked politely for material, waiting, was clam, re-vamped his design. He is a true artist (and seems like a nice guy to boot!)

Arty said...

I'm liking him more & more with each passing week. In fact, I might even go so far as to say he is becoming my favorite!!! Of course that would mean the "Great Santini", oh excuse me Santino, would have to go at some point, for Daniel to win. Maybe the judges will get tired of Santino's frilly garments, eventually, leaving Daniel in for a real competition with Nick?

Anonymous said...

Could the reason that Daniel lacks an online presence right now be related to him........ ultimately being the winner??

Anonymous said...

The dress he designed for Nicky Hilton was gorgeous. It was unusual and hot. Very sexy. I think Santino overdoes it.

I also loved how he just calmly made it work. It's so gorgeous I can't imagine how it would have been better any other way

Anonymous said...

That website for him doesn't come up.

He should get a website up asap and begin to sell. I'd bet people would order from him now.

He's very talented. I think he's more unusual that the others, more identity.