Friday, January 06, 2006

From The Mailbox

Remember Daniel Franco rushing to finish this dress? Sewing his model, Claudia, into it at the last minute. We saw him stitching up the side seam by hand as Tim's voice says "Daniel.....this is it..." On the runway, Claudia ROCKS the dress, hands firmly planted at the waist - concealing the unfinished seam. What a gem of a model she is - so cool and level-headed - smiling and HELPFUL to the designer. What a concept...

Okay - back on topic. After seeing this - and knowing that Daniel is a perfectionist, I was wondering if he went back and finished the seams on the dress or if he allowed it to be auctioned off "as is." So I asked him!

Here is his reply:


The seam was finished on the left, it was the right one that needed
some support, there was no zipper set in. Moreover, the fabric was
crepe, which runs like Forrest Gump late for work. The seam would not
have come undone, but I am such a stickler for fine detailed needlework
that I asked Claudia to hide those 3-4 inches of shoddy needlework. I
guess to feel more balanced, she put both hands on her hips. More over
if you noticed, while I went wild-eyed a la Matthew Mcconaughey, and
asked "Whaaaat???" she had beautifu, crimped blonde hair a la "My
Scene Barbie." Crimped beautifully? On her it worked nicely. Then I opted
for the wig which was a bad choice, too flat, too dull.

Have I had a chance to go back and finish the dress? No, That baby was
snatched out of my hands and handed over for adoption, the second they
cut the cord from my navel. Df


hellparadiso said...

I love that boy.

And I love that model.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! It's obvious that you put a lot of time into it. I just wanted to mention that Daniel Franco was featured on "How Do I Look?" on the Style network the other night. I think it was Wednesday, 1/4 at either 8:00 or 9:00 (EST). He was the "celebrity stylist" who chose one of the wardrobes for the subject of the makeover. He also made a dress for the host of the show, Finola Hughes (I think that's the name!) It was VINTAGE Daniel F. Made even her bony frame look good. I don't know whether you might be able to get any images from the show to include on your site.
Thanks for the blog!

LauraK said...

Oh Man.... I have to get Style Network!

Anonymous said...

I totally saw that episode!

I wanna say it was after Season 1, becuase I know that the first time I had seen it I didn't know who he was (got started late on Season 1).

Anyway, the girl getting the makeover was this a punk (ie: dark makeup, ratty clothes etc...) but she wanted to get into desinging so Daniel helped her design and make a dress for Finola. Like Diane said, it was gorgeous.

He also picked out the most adorable clothes for the girl, but I don't remember if she picked his collection or not. They repeat "How Do I Look" ALL the time on Style.

ABC said...

Just reading Daniel's charming letter makes me miss him all the more on Project Runway.

Instead we have to watch Santino. . . why?