Sunday, January 01, 2006

Do You Hear Something?

I watched the Lingerie episode again and now I can't wait to see how Emmett and Santino get along in the next episode. I'm predicting some fireworks.

I believe Santino was showing some genuine restraint (for a change) when he looked at Emmett's design and simply sat there with with his hands over his face. Emmett's "comforting" must have only made things worse for Santino. I'm surprised he didn't just blow up and say, "No, you bleeping idiot - I'm upset because this design looks like crap - just get out of here and let me finish it!" Then Emmett says something like "Nick and I have faith in your vision...." as if he and Nick are even in the same ballpark.

Later on the Runway, Emmett still didn't get it. He thought he and Nick were "Holding things together" while Santino had a "meltdown." Not so, Emmett - Santino had a meltdown BECAUSE of YOU.

Emmett is completely clueless when it comes to reading people and communicating. He seems a little...slow.

If you've listened to Tim's podcast you know that the other other designers considered Emmett and Marla to be seriously lacking in skills. And he's definitely NOT entertaining. Boring just doesn't work in Reality TV.

I think I've heard the death knell ringing for Emmett. Hopefully he'll go out with a bang.

I'm picking Emmett to lose this week. Maybe Marla. What do you think?


ABC said...

I really like them both - while they may lack in skills, they truly need this show to bring attention to their designs. I think someone like Santino or Nick will be successful no matter how far they last in this show. I want Emmett and Marla to last a few more weeks, even if the other designers don't think they deserve it.

I think they both have an innate talent, and the technical ability will come with time.

christopher.john said...

i think Emmett is a great designer. Think about the intracate work in his first muslin deisgn. But Marla....

Arty said...

As far as I'm concerned all the nutty, snarky people can go! I know that's an unpopular opinion, but that's the way I feel. Santino rubs me the wrong way & Nick is a little too snarky for my tastes. Sure Emmett is a little on the boring side. But after all the "reality show personalities" I can deal with that. And I like Marla. Without all the drama maybe we could just see people design something, take some knocks, not go on a rant or crying jag, etc. Is that too much to ask for entertainment? I guess so!

Anonymous said...

I want Emmet to stick around for a while. I don't think he'll outlast Santino, Nick & Chloe, but I'd like to see him make the final 5 or 6.

Anonymous said...

Your take on the episode is how I saw it too, the restraint - when he was so disappointed at Emmett's work - and Emmett didn't have a clue -

If Santino and Nick were just game players they each could have/would have said the other should be the one to go when asked - it would have helped
either of them to lose a strong competitor - but each said Emmett should be the one to go - so he must really be pretty weak - it also says something good about Santino and Nick to not play it that way

I think definately Marla, Emmett and Guadalupe are not long for the show

Anonymous said...

I have Marla to lose tonight. I think this challenge is right up Guadalupe's alley (but also up Nick's and Santino's respective alleys, too). But it looked, on the ad for tonight's episode, like both Marla and Guadalupe were arguing with Tim Gunn about their designs, and you know that it's best to just take Tim's advice and "carry on" from there.