Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder what happens to the clothes in between the time that the show airs and the the time the designs are shipped to the winning bidders?

This season they have been on display in the window at the Banana Republic in Rockefeller Center. After each episode airs, the winning design is on display for a week (or two) until the next winner is determined.

Wouldn't it be fun to examine these clothes "up close?"

Here is a rack with all of the winners (so far.)

Here is Santino's latest winner.

Here is a detail of the hem.

Thanks to Dianne C for these great photos!


Anonymous said...

living in nyc, I go check that spot regularly. In all defense, all the hemlines on all the dresses (except the Barbie dress), look like utter crap. The construction is very poor.

But I still love um!

Anonymous said...

God, that hemline looks crappy. Come on, Nicky Hilton, I want to see you go out and party in this mess!

Anonymous said...

In Santino's defense (GOD, did I just SAY that??), the hem was clearly ripped by hand (as opposed to cut with scissors), and his other dress (the teal one in the front of the rack from the very first challenge) is similarly "unfinished." I think that that's just his style--a little messy, a little polished. I agree though, it looks a little weird. But then, he's a very weird guy.

Anonymous said...

Proper hemming takes MAD amounts of time! Most of the time it's done by hand, which takes even longer.

I used to design and hemming something like the Hilton dress would literally take ages. I think the designers have to either do a simple design with good hemming or a more intricate design with poor hemming. With the time restraints, it becomes a toss up.

Anonymous said...

actually I rather like the "will-of-the-wisp"
quality of the hemline(s), as if one of Oberon's fairy children had caught it on brambles dancing through the midnight forest.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or are the shoulder straps on the version in the window are MUCH thinner than the ones on Santino's dress in the episode?

PhillyKat said...

my sister was right. she said all of santino's dresses have unfinished hems and are messy. damn, now i have to tell her. i'd rather hug santino.